Look for the Multivitamin Solutions in the Right Format

Multivitamins / multiminerals (MVMs) are to be considered a food supplement. They are formulated to contain a combination of vitamins, minerals and sometimes other elements as well. The supplements are used to compensate for the deficiencies of vitamins and microelements that cannot be taken with the diet.

It would be nice to say that by following a varied and balanced diet we can get everything we need through the diet; unfortunately for various reasons it is practically impossible.Let’s think, for example, of the growing media that are increasingly poor in microelements and exploited in a continuous cycle; the products obtained from that land will also be poor in nutritional elements. Go for the iherb.com discounts in this purchase.

For those who practice medium / high level sports, the increased sweating impoverishes the body of minerals that will be lost with it. Intense effort, on the other hand, produces free radicals and other waste substances that the intervention of some biochemical processes, in synergy with vitamins, will buffer.

Finally, there are those people who, by excluding various types of foods from their diet (eg vegans, fruitarians, raw foodists, etc.), will have a deficiency in the intake of vitamins and minerals.

Since it is scientifically proven that taking all vitamins and minerals daily brings significant benefits to human health, it is therefore advisable to take a multivitamin supplement that provides them all.

In general, the people who might need it are who:

  • Has a lifestyle that includes cigarette smoke and alcohol
  • Does not eat enough fruits and vegetables (although the multivitamin remains less effective than solid foods
  • Follows a low-calorie diet
  • Lives in polluted cities
  • Excludes whole categories of food (meat, cereals, dairy products, etc.)
  • Does oxidative sports (running, cycling, competitive crossfit, etc.)
  • When to take the multivitamin

Multivitamins: what health effects?

Scientific research has shown that using a multivitamin promotes health and reduces the risk of disease.

Although in Europe there is still the belief in the scientific world that a varied and balanced diet can help you recover all the vitamins and minerals from the food you need, in America instead there is a tendency to highly recommend taking an MVM. In this regard, the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) even put it in the new food pyramid.

The multivitamin therefore helps people who use it to obtain the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals if they are unable to take them from food alone.

It nevercontainmegadoses of vitamins or minerals. A daily use therefore, will never give toxicity problems, regardless of the amount of vitamins and microelements supplied with the diet. Make use of the iHerb deals and coupons in this case.

When we read that an the company contains 100% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of that vitamin or mineral, the label is just telling us what is the minimum dose needed for that element to avoid deficiency symptoms.

Scientific research has also shown that by taking up to 70 times 100% of the RDA, no problem has been found, but an excess of vitamins is still not good, because it alters the balance of free radicals in our body (which does not they must be excessive but not too few).