Learn How Natural Pearls Are Different from Cultured Pearls

Natural pearls and cultured pearls are the two main types of pearl varieties present in the market. Both these types of pearls are treasured for the rich elegance and mesmerizing beauty for thousands of years. If you wish to buy a pearl, then it becomes essential to learn about the difference of both these varieties of pearls.

Method of Cultivation

This is one of the main factors that distinguish natural pearl from a cultured pearl. Cultured as well as natural pearls are formed by mollusks such as mussels and oysters. Pearlsonly.co.uk is the most leading and trusted places to buy a large selection of pearl jewelry.

Where natural pearls are created completely on its own in nature, cultured pearls, on the other hand are created by pearl farmers using synthetic process of pearl formation. One of these artificial means is to inject the mollusk with external irritant.

The process of harvesting of pearls

To find natural pearls, divers would have to dive deep inside the oceans to gather mollusks. These mollusks are then cracked and opened for natural pearls. The chances of finding a natural pearl inside them were very rare.

Cultured pearls are a lot more sustainable. Once these pearls are all set to get harvested from the mollusks, pearl cultivators pull the elevated beds up out from the water. With the help of specialized tools, the mollusks are carefully opened to collect the cultured pearls without causing any harm to the mussel or oyster.

Price and availability

Cultured pearls are less pricey than natural type, and due to which they are easily available also.

Shape of a pearl

This is another very important difference that distinguishes natural pearl from a cultured one. Nearly ten percent of cultured form of pearls has perfect round shape. On the other hand, natural pearls have irregular and non-spherical baroque shape.


With so many different types of pearls, it is quite obvious to get confused as to which one to buy. Hope the above information helps you in identifying the right type of pearls for your needs.