Learn About the Amazing Luster of Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are unique in nature and they come in varied colors and designs. These freshwater pearls are the most favorable choice of all the jewelry designers and customers, who are in search of elegance and beauty. Freshwater pearls impart a classic and sophisticated look to a woman who wears it. The jewelry which is made with freshwater pearls has its own significance in terms of its beauty and shine.

Freshwater Pearls Luster

Luster is of utmost importance in identifying the quality of a freshwater pearl. What is luster? Luster is one of the important characteristics of a freshwater pearl. It is the quantity and the quality of light which is reflected from the pearl’s inner and outer surface. High-quality pearls are highly illuminated from inside so you can even see your reflection. In the jewelry business, the quality of freshwater pearls is determined by its luster.

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The Origin of Pearl Luster

The pearl luster depends on nacre quality. Nacre is also called a ‘mother of pearl’ the pearls give a glittering visual effect due to its nacre. It is secreted by the mollusk in order to protect their delicate interior tissues. The freshwater pearls get their glow and shine due to the nacre.

Use of Pearl Grading Scale

It is extensively used to assess the pearl luster. Pearls which have a good luster they shine very brightly and they can reflect the objects that are located nearby. Freshwater pearls with a high luster have thick nacre coatings, whereas the low luster pearls are characterized by their dull appearance and their nacre coating is very thin. The pearls having high luster are much expensive than the pearls with low luster.


Thus, the grand beauty of freshwater pearls comes from its luster. A pearl with bright reflection and a soft and shiny surface is considered as a good quality pearl. Freshwater pearls with lustrous appearance are highly desirable in the jewelry business.