Know about the support provided by the HR to the employees

The HR department is an important Organisation in every company. For the development of any company it is important to have a HR department. There are two types of HR departments the company can choose any of them. First type of HR department is the healthy and contributes to the development of the company. The other one is the distant HR who comes to inspect the employees in regular periods. The distant HR do not monitor the work of an employee regularly. Whereas healthy HR regularly monitors the work of an employee. The main function of the HR to make the employees comfortable in the jobs. Any problem for the employees in their working hours should be resolved by the HR department. If you want good growth in your company you need to have the best HR department. The hr payroll outsourcing singapore also works on the salary of employees. The complete salary based on the leaves and bonuses is calculated by the HR Services. The HR department also have the right to fire an employee if he is not up to the mark or if he make any mistake by breaking the company rules. The HR department can manage the complete requirements of an employee until he stays in their company.

Support of HR department to the employees:

  • They encourage and advises in your career growth. The HR department helps the employees to improve their skills and guide them to learn more things in their field. The development of skills in every individual working in that company may gain success to the company. This make a good relationship between the employee and the company. So the employees can work in the company for long duration. HR department check the performance of every employee regularly and guide them to overcome their mistakes. Knowing their mistakes and learning through them make the employees to develop good skills and excelin the work.
  • Incase if the employees required additional training for the development of employees career and as well as growth of the company, the HR department can arrange for it.The HR department also assist the employees during the training period. The HR department also works along the employees to compensate the work load as the employees are spending sometime in the training classes. The employees can ask any doubts and can get cleared from the HR. Sometimes the HR department also attend the training sessions along with the employees to verify weather everything is going well
  • HR department also support the employees when they are facing any health related issues. The HR department conduct some counselling sessions if the employees are facing any mental illness. They also arrange for the leave you are facing any health issues. In some companies even Health Insurance is given to the Employees.
  • The managers of company changes from time to time. It is a responsibility of the HR department to guide the managers when the new ones are appointed.


In this way HR supports the employees.