Kinds of AC you can select for your home

When you visit the market, you will find different kinds of AC units available that might confuse you when it comes to selection. The post is all about selecting the right type of conditioner for your home. Before that, you should know about some statistics.

AC is a very common electrical appliance found in the home. In summer, nothing can give the relief that AC does. Whether you are buying a new one or just replacing it, check the power that it is going to take. Being present as an integral part of our home, it is important that we must select the one that has low energy consumption, give comfort and do proper cooling.

Let start digging up some of the common air conditioners available for you and make the decision rightly.


  • Central Air Conditioner


Such type is excellent for a large home and designed to cool different rooms at the same time. It runs by a split system meant for regulating the air through a duct that is installed in your home. Hence, it is also called a ducted system. The air conditioner unit runs with HVAC technology coupled with programmable thermostats.


  • Window air conditioner


We all know about the window air conditioners and do have in our home too. These are excellent for a single room or a small area. If the window AC is of large capacity, you can also cool a small home. All the components are enclosed inside the unit. You can install it in a window by making a hole. The filter is present inside it that can slide out and can be cleaned regularly.


  • Ductless mini-split


If you are looking for something better in working, you can opt for a ductless mini-split. This is designed specifically for contemporary homes. You can find it to be a combination of an outdoor unit having both compressor and condenser with indoor units. Both outdoor and indoor units get connected via tubing and refrigerant that ideally circulates them depending on the usage.

The conclusion

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