International Travel Tips: How to Prepare for a Business Trip to the United Kingdom


You’re lucky! You were chosen by your superior to go on a business trip to one of the most popular countries in the world, the United Kingdom. Due to your excitement, you’re thinking about numerous things simultaneously. You’re wondering on how to make this trip successful and even arrange the things that need to be prepared in advance. So, if that’s the case, well, worry no more since we’re here to help. We’ve provided here tips on how to make your trip manageable.

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Let’s start! Here are our suggestions on how you will handle your upcoming business trip like a pro.

Establish an attainable itinerary 

Your itinerary should include the goal of your company for the said business trip. You need to take note of your priorities and on how you may deal with it. Analyze the number of possible meetings that you would like to arrange in advance for a certain day. Don’t include so many meetings on your agenda since you’ll not be maximizing your productivity and may even find yourself having not enough time to jump from one meeting to another. Your schedule should not be so tight so everything is still possible even if some unexpected problems might occur such as transportation delays.

Conduct research about their culture

Allow yourself to have enough knowledge about the United Kingdom’s fascinating history, vibrant culture, and even its customs. The internet provides numerous articles that will help you in terms of negotiating styles, attitude, gift-giving, decision-making process, and even the proper usage of names and titles.

Don’t initiate with the topic concerning the Royal family, British Class system, as well as making discussions about politics especially those about Scotland or Northern Ireland.

In the United Kingdom, making inquiries regarding one’s occupation, birthplace, religion, and other personal questions is a no-no.

Learn protocol and accepted etiquette 

Before visiting the country, you need to be aware of the general protocol and proper decorum. Doing so, it will be easy for you to communicate with them and even manage a series of appointments. Always check the normal working days and business hours of those companies that you’d be meeting. When it comes to gestures and body language, it may also lead to misunderstandings.

During your initial meeting, always keep your facial expressions to a minimum. Keep in mind that the British are not backslappers and do not display affection when in public. Always leave a personal space, British is very particular to this. Having said so, do not stand close to another.

Besides, try to maintain a low and moderate tone of voice. Also, humor often plays a significant part in the business discussions in England, having the skill to make anyone laugh can be an asset.

In terms of the decision-making process of the British, give them enough time to assess your credibility or proposal. They tend to seek guidance on the existing rules and law rather than on feelings. For them, the only source of truth is the objective facts and if there are pieces of evidence. You may notice that the process tends to be slow. They don’t rush things out when it comes to decision-making.

Some suggested topics for conversation may include your remarkable experiences in their county and other travel-related concerns. You may also express your appreciation on their architecture, food, ambiance or weather, to name a few. Also, you may tackle sports like soccer. One of the best topics is about animals since English people love animals especially dogs.  

Be aware if there are any travel advisories

Usually, governments release advisories about the safety and security issue that affect travelers’ as they fly to the United Kingdom. It can tackle terrorism, natural calamities, political unrest, wars, health-related and even violent crimes involving the attack for tourists. Always have a have “plan b” ready whenever something goes wrong. Before traveling be sure to locate your country’s embassy or consulate in the said country. If the worst thing happens, they can help you with emergency evacuation or even get in touch with your loved ones.

Secure an insurance 

As you travel to a foreign country, always get travel insurance. This will help you out when there’s a crisis like in terms of medical evacuations. Make sure to be knowledgeable of the inclusions, exclusions or policies stated especially if it covers the medical cost for a sudden illness or injury obtained during your trip abroad.

Always stay connected wherever you are 

Always carry an adapter that is suited on the country that you’re visiting for example in the United Kingdom, they make use of type G. Make sure that your devices such as notebooks, cellphone or camera always have enough battery. You have an option to maximize the use of some application like Skype to make international calls or use a local sim card since to easily make calls and communicate within the host country.