Ideas for Losing Weight During Winter

Shying away from people and locking yourself inside is not recommended but instead, it would be better to devote more time to physical exercise, the best asset for surviving the winter. Not only does sport prevent extra pounds from settling in but also helps to combat the symptoms of winter depression.

Among its strengths, the outdoor sport burns more calories and allows you to build more muscle than when it is practiced indoors.

The only downside is that due to vasoconstriction, cold temperatures can be hard on the heart, when it is cold, it can narrow down the blood-vessels. So, talk to your doctor before starting any form of exercise which udendørs fitness udstyr have you covered, and make sure you have the proper protective gear for low temperatures.

Benefits of Outdoor Sports

· Playing Sports Outdoors Can Be More Fun

When you’re out jogging, you push more on your legs to advance than on a treadmill where you push less; You stick to one place. Surveys have shown that this difference in movement fosters ankle range of motion and tissue fitness. It is also true that it requires more energy instead of stopping at the gym; you will have to propel the body from one location to another.

· Outdoor Sport Leads to Regularity

It is a resolution much pronounced on January 1st but rarely respected: to do sport regularly.

According to a study, playing outdoor sports would lead to more regularity than indoor sports. The women’s group was split in two: one practiced outdoor sport, the other indoors. At the end of the study, the first group was more likely to practice outside sport than the second group, and three times a week.

In 2011, a similar study showed that the youngest people exercising outdoors were more motivated the next day to start again.

· Playing Sports Outdoors Stimulates Brain Activity

Not only is an outdoor race better for the joints, but also the brain. This can help to stimulate brain activity, and he suggests that new brain cells can also grow.

Just walking in the snow is advisable. Several studies have suggested that a regular walking routine (performed anywhere – indoors or outdoors -) can affect the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and even the survival of brain cells.

· Playing Sports Outdoors Allows You to Enjoy the Benefits of Daylight

The simple practice of a sport is good for physical and mental health. But playing sports outdoors is even more beneficial. The reason is that daylight helps to control winter blues and even symptoms of major depressive disorder.

It has been shown many times that the lack of natural light largely caused seasonal depression during the darkest period of the year. Exposing yourself to natural lights, such as sunlight, as much as possible is therefore of paramount importance in the middle of winter.

Daylight also helps maintain vitamin D intake, although various scientific studies have indicated that it is harder to maintain in winter than in summer.

· Outdoor Sport Makes You Happier

No matter what the season, spending time enjoying nature improves your mood, according to specialists. It also increases self-esteem after only 5 minutes outdoors.

This happiness impact is the most significant reason, as shown by specialists, why physical exercise should also be practiced outdoor activities in winter.

According to them, this is also the reason why individuals practicing outdoor sports practice regularly, unlike those who practice indoor, who are more likely to get bored and abandon their sports routine. An exercise in natural environments was associated with increased resentment of revitalization and positive engagement, anger and depression, and increased energy.

Besides, breathing fresh, fresh air can stimulate the mood.

· Outdoor Sports Can Burn More Calories

Another benefit to outdoor sports: Cold exposure activates brown fat, which is perceived as a good type of body fat, which burns calories rather than storing them. Depending on your dress, this effect would trigger from 15 degrees.

There is no definite scientific consensus that it increases calorie burning to the point of helping weight loss. This means that some people who are outdoors in cold weather have easier to maintain a healthy weight during the cold seasons. Rather than a weight loss plan of the year, consider the effect of cold on fat as an auxiliary bonus