HVAC Help: How Much Does It Cost to Service Your HVAC?

Were you able to save money when you were buying your HVAC system?

If yes, awesome. It would be great if that’s the last time you’ll spend money on your HVAC system, but if you want it to last a long time, you’ll need to invest in preventive maintenance.

And that means making sure you service your HVAC regularly. Of course, if this is the first time you’re having your system serviced, you might be wondering about how much it would cost you.

Here, we’ll discuss the average costs for simple tune-ups, factors that affect how much you’ll pay for HVAC maintenance servicing, and how often you should have your system serviced.

HVAC Service Costs: What to Expect

If your system’s fairly new and needs no major repairs, a simple tune-up will cost you around $75 to $200. However, if your system requires repairs outside a standard HVAC service, you won’t pay a flat fee. Instead, you’ll have to pay an HVAC technician an hourly rate, which could be anywhere between $50 and $150.

Some of the things included in a simple tune-up are air filter replacement, refrigerant check, duct inspection, and so on. Cleaning the condenser is usually part of the service, but don’t expect that the HVAC technician will include evaporator coil cleaning and refrigerant recharge, as these are considered add-ons.

There are some discounts for new customers though, as well as for those who have enrolled in an HVAC maintenance program. Talk to your HVAC contractor if they offer such plans, so you can take advantage of lower prices for regular maintenance.

Factors That Could Drive up Your HVAC Maintenance Servicing Costs

The larger your system, the more maintenance it needs. But if you’ve invested in a higher-efficiency unit, your utility bills will be lower. This is worth considering, especially for homeowners who have yet to install an HVAC system.

Also, if you have an older unit, there’s a higher chance it needs repairs and replacement parts. Try to crunch the numbers to see if it would make more sense to buy a new unit instead.

Other factors that might increase your servicing costs are the location of your system, peak seasons, and preventive maintenance. If your system isn’t accessible to technicians, they often charge an extra fee.

As for peak seasons, HVAC companies are usually busy during the summer and winter months. It’s best to schedule a call when people aren’t running their systems hard. You should also ensure that you don’t neglect preventive maintenance like replacing filters or vacuuming your vents, as these tasks help your system perform at its best.

How Often Should You Service Your HVAC?

Experts recommend that you service your system once a year.

But if you forget to do it, at least make sure that you’re diligently performing preventive maintenance tasks. For tips on keeping your unit in tip-top shape, you can always consult your HVAC contractor.

Is Your HVAC System Working as It Should?

If you think there’s something wrong with your HVAC system, don’t wait. Call someone asap to service your HVAC system. You don’t want a small problem to become a huge headache later on.

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