How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning

If your home or office space has an air conditioner installed, you probably know that it’s important to have it regularly checked and cleaned by a professional technician. 

But then, if it’s your first time getting an air conditioner down, how would you know when you need to call up your technician to have it done? And the other most important question: Is it important at all?

Why Is It Important To Clean Your A/C? 

Depending on your location, you might want to calm down an otherwise angry weather condition. And so, a severely damaged A/C will struggle to keep your place under standard cooling temperatures. However, if your system is kept clean and filters are replaced once in a while, it can contribute to having happier people being able to work better in your homes and other indoor environments.

It’s always recommended for a good inspection, fine-tuning and maintenance at least on a monthly basis by a professional A/C cleaning dubai services. This can dramatically preserve the life of your cooling system, lower your electricity bills and keep it running for much longer without the disruption of indoor air pollution getting in the way. 

Signs To Look Out For

  • Damaged Compressor

When your air conditioner is on operator mode, the purpose of the compressor in the system is to pressurise the refrigerant in the system and keep it flowing. When this happens, the compressor starts to heat up and will remain so once it reaches the end of the duty cycle. But a problematic compressor will be easy to identify when a leak or worn out internal engine produces all sorts of high-pitch disturbing rumbles. Other times, the temperature is no longer normal. 

  • Ice Build Up In The Evaporator

If you notice a good coating of ice appearing on your A/C, there is a high chance of an inadequate system airflow and the cool air creation in the evaporator is drastically slowed down making your indoors feel uncomfortable and humid to stay any longer. 

  • Mould And Mildew Growth 

Although moist mould spores are natural organisms of our environment, they can damage the space they are growing on – especially an HVAC system like an A/C. At times, due to the moisture content of its existence, an unpleasant musty smell starts to rise sharply. This can restrict the air flow and quality of your A/C and overcharge its system if left neglected.

Fighting to eliminate mould growth can be achieved if the cause behind it is correctly determined. The standard humidity rate in a home must stand below 55%. Anything above this rating becomes an issue.