How to Start Running Again and Avoid Pain and Discomfort

There’s nothing worse than having an active exercise routine and having to stop it because of pain or injury. People have experienced plenty of pain and injuries across different sports and exercise routines, but it seems like runners have the hardest time jumping back in.

If you want to start running again after you’ve been out of commission, your main goal is to run safely. You need to avoid pain when running and do whatever you can to repeat the same mistakes that stopped your routine.

If you’re ready to run again and want to do it the right way, follow these simple tips.

Talk To Your Doctor

You don’t have to go to a sports medicine specialist to get great tips on how to run safely. Your regular doctor can help you get back into your routine easily. They’re already involved in your treatment and know your body so they’re the perfect people to ask for advice.

Tell them about your usual routine and any concerns you make have about new injuries and how you can avoid pain when running. Ask them if they know about any routines or stretches you can do that can help ease you back into running.

Focus on Form

Do your shoulders and neck hurt the most after a run? Are your feet very sore after you finish working out? It’s normal to feel a little sore after a workout, but if you consistently feel sorer in certain areas, you may need to change your form.

Proper form is important for runners that want to avoid injury and stay healthy. Read up on proper runner’s form so you can make sure you’re positioning your body the right way. The site has some great content on the right way to position your body to avoid injury.

Start Slow 

We know that you’re eager to get back to your regular routine. However, if you jump in exactly where you left off you could be opening yourself up to new potential injuries.

Start yourself off gradually. Go for short runs then slowly add more time to them. Eventually, you’ll find yourself back up to your normal level of activity.

Consider Using Machines 

If you like to run outside, you may want to consider switching to an indoor setting for a bit. There are plenty of benefits that come with exercising indoors, and a treadmill could be what you need to jump-start your running routine.

Outdoor terrains and paths can be unpredictable. The last thing you need after an injury is to step too hard on uneven pavement or trip over a branch. Having a controlled environment to run in can help you build up your strength and avoid certain hazards.

Start Running Again the Right Way

Being able to start running again after a period of inactivity is exciting, but if you handle it the wrong way, you could easily find yourself back where you started. If you take things slow, talk to your doctor, focus on your form, and use the right equipment you’ll find yourself following your old routine in no time flat.

Want some other fitness tips? We have plenty of advice for active exercise lovers on our site. Be sure to browse our posts so you can get some ideas for your next routine.