December 6, 2022

Domain and hosting reseller business is evolving to be one of the best in the current expanding landscape of web hosting. It requires minimum capital, is low on risk, and also doesn’t require high-end technical expertise to run. You get all required resources from your hosting provider and even the necessary tech support for your end customers. All you have to do is focus on developing your business and expanding your customer base, in order to scale up. But like any other business, reselling domain and web hosting requires you to promote your services.

Here’s how –

Focus on SEO.

The right SEO strategy can make your business go around. Your reseller business is just like any other business which needs awareness and searchability. Spend some time and resource for analyzing the current market, and run keyword research, find what is trending and what your prospective customers are looking for. Make sure that your website design is responsive enough with adequate on-page SEO. Treat your business like a full-fledged brand and make it visible online.

Leverage social media promotion

Use your reseller branding across all social channels and leverage the power of their dynamic platforms to gain traction. Share your brand posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, or other channels, depending on the kind of audience you are targeting and where your customers are present. Find the right spots to hit and make your presence felt with quality content, paid ads, and special offers.

Discover and delegate your customers

For successful reselling, you need to identify your customers first. Finding out who they are, what drives them, what are they looking for, and where are these people available on the web, will help you narrow down the demographics and lay down a plan accordingly. Also, knowing your customers will help you decide on the service package that you will avail from your hosting provider. Once you have your customers on board, make them the voice of your business. How your customers feel about your service is the strongest driving force of your business and can promote your brand to a great extent. Run surveys at regular intervals and seek reviews. Share these positive reviews on social channels or your website and let your prospective clients know about your reputation.

Add value to your customers

Every customer loves a little more than what they are provided with. Going that extra mile and giving them what they don’t expect but need, will only make them more loyal towards your brand. For instance, if you have a client for hosting, identify if they also need email packages, or a domain change, or even web design. You might not be able to provide everything yourself, but you can always delegate the task and outsource, and still be serving your clients. For them, you will become one point of contact for complete web service. With more product offerings, you will only expand your customer base and make them stay for longer. And a happy customer is always the best promotion that a business can ask for.

Summing up…

As a reseller, you have the best benefits of running your own show with the least possible inputs. Make your hosting provider your business partner for operations and support, and you can make your hosting and domain reseller business highly successful.