How To Prepare A Bridal Look That’ll Make Him Fall For You All Over Again

So, he proposed, and you’ve said yes? Or was it was the other way around? No matter how you and your partner have decided to merge your paths into one, but what’s more important now is to start with all the preparations.

It is quite a possibility that you might have dreamt about looking like a princess when you’re getting married to your prince charming. So, in order to look like a princess, you’ll have to start with a serious beauty regime, months in advance. You can actually follow along as we teach you how you can sport a look so beautiful that he’ll go head-over-heels, the moment he sees you entering the wedding venue.

Just like a spoilt child, your skin too loves pampering. According to the makeup artists, your beauty regimen should start at least six months before the wedding. Don’t worry if that’s not possible, as we’ve consulted the makeup artist in Ahmedabad, and then bring you some tips to get ready for the wedding on your own.

Prepare the skin

You must start with washing your face and exfoliating with a gentle scrub. You must stay away from the harsh scrubs and when your skin is properly cleansed then apply a light moisturizer.

Decide on a makeup

Now, if you’ve not decided yet, then you must decide on the makeup that suits your skin tone. You can choose from various metallic shades of foundations and concealers along with a darker shade of lipstick for darker skin tones. While for fair skin, lighter shades of lipstick will work great.

Start with the primer

Primer is really important as it helps keep everything in place and also gives a smooth base on which you can work on. You’ll still be needing those touch-ups every now and then but it’ll be much less frequent.

Apply Foundation, Concealer, and Highlighter

Now’s the time to start with the bridal makeup, so go ahead and select a foundation that matches your skin tone. You can use the concealer wherever it is necessary. Select one in a green shade as it’ll better camouflage the red spots. Now is time to give yourself a glowing face with the help of a highlighter. The only tip for it is not to overdo it but keep things subtle.


You can now define the face and your jawline by contouring. Choose either a cream or a powder based blush and start defining your features with some gentle brush strokes. Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend it upwards. Keep away from the nose as you don’t want a pink nose.

Work on the eyes

Keep away from the dark eyes and a dramatic look. Replace all those shades of black with the bronze ones as it’ll help define the eyes but will look much more natural. Also, remember to choose a waterproof mascara to prevent it from washing away because of those inevitable tears.

Complete the look with a lipstick

Start with applying a colorless lip balm to keep the lips moisturized and then choose a lipstick that complements the blush shade. Lip stains are a better bet on the day of the wedding as they last longer.

Additional Tip

A glittery makeup enhances the looks when meeting in-person, but will not be ideal for getting photographed. So, there is a trade-off and we think that avoiding all the shimmer will be much better as you’ll be photographed for the entire day.

We hope that the above tips help you get your desired look and make you look radiant on the day of your wedding. If you’re still skeptical, then it is a better idea that you go ahead and do a trial run on yourself days before your wedding.