How to Navigate a Fast House Sale

Did you know the average US home remains on the market for a staggering 56 days? This can be an excruciatingly long time, especially if you just want to sell your property and move. Luckily, if you know-how, you can cut this time down to around two weeks.

This involves changing the way you market and sell the house. Read on for our guide on how to get a fast house sale.

Cash Buyer

One way to sell your house fast is through a cash buyer. This takes out the long process of mortgage applications. This can take weeks, whereas a deal with a cash buyer can take less than a fortnight.

It will start by signing the contract. A deposit of around one to two percent is usually required from the buyer in the event a deal falls through. After this, verify the funds to show the buyer has the money to make the sale.

You then need to open an escrow account into which money will be deposited. This account will manage the paperwork, legal documents, and fund transfer. After this, you just need to sign the closing documents.

Home Buying Companies

One of the quickest ways of selling a home for cash is through home buying companies. If you are thinking “I want to sell my house fast,” and do not mind taking a slightly lower offer for a quick sale, then they should definitely be considered.

Once you contact them, they will visit your house or even provide an online quote. You sell as is, meaning you do not need to do any house sale preparation. If you accept, they deal with the paperwork and you can often have the sale turned around in about two weeks.

Using Auctions for a Fast House Sale

Auctions have a number of pros and cons when selling. Auction houses have their own marketing channels to advertise your property. Buyers at the auction are pre-vetted and ready to buy, meaning you do not have to haggle or deal with time wasters.

The cons are that some places will not let you sell a house without a realtor. As the house itself adds auction fees, you may be paying for an agent and the auction house itself, ramping up costs.

Using a Realtor

While selling using a realtor does mean paying commission, those fees are often well worth it. They take a lot of the work from you when putting a house on the market. A real estate agent will also have inside knowledge on properties and access to interested customers ready to buy.

The trick is finding the right one. Make sure they know the neighborhood and come with recommendations and testimonials. Finally, make sure they know you want a quick sale.

Prepare to Adapt

In summary, if you want a fast house sale then you may need to change your expectations. Getting a sale quickly may mean paying more in fees, or accepting a lower offer. Weigh up the costs against your desire to sell quickly and reach a happy medium.

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