How To Marked Cards With Invisible Ink Works?

Invisible ink marked cards are considered to be a fine art and it requires practice. Most of the time you can see that the magicians mark their card to perform magic tricks by manipulating the watcher. There are several ways of making the cards, but it is always a wise choice to go for fine art by using invisible ink.

By using invisible ink you will be able to mark the cards the way you want without getting caught. By using the luminous ink or the invisible ink as we say, one can easily mark their cards because it is visible to naked eyes.

One needs to wear red filters to view the markings. Whenever you are wearing a lens with filter this invisible ink markings will look like deep markings.

How To Do It? 

You can easily purchase the invisible ink as it is easily available in the market and are of various brands. Every kit will consist of ink, red filters, paintbrush and directions to use it. You will have to practice first by applying it on the cards. While applying it on the card make sure that you are not soaking the card with invisible ink.

One can choose any type of marking. You can mark all the cards either by using symbols or numbers. You will have to wait for a few seconds and allow the card to soak the ink completely. You can wipe the card with the help of a cloth or paper towel because if you keep it for long hours it will get darker and it will be visible to the naked eye as well. 

Always use the right amount and wipe the card after a few seconds of applying. Keep doing it on a practice card until you have enough skills to do it on the main cards.

You can start by marking the cards after you have gained enough practice. With the right amount and the right timing, you will be able to master this art.

Many prefer to purchase this invisible ink marked cards from the magician supplier but it will be an expensive option. It will be less stressful and will be of better quality. You won’t have to stress about the right timing or quantity.

The markings on the card will stay permanently and it will be visible if you are using any infrared contact lenses or infrared glasses. If you are looking for a cost-effective way then you can purchase the ink.