How to Know If You A Dog Person or Cat Person       

  They say you can’t love a dog and a cat at the same time. Maybe or maybe not. If you think you love both these animals equally, you need to take a quiz to find out whether you are a cat person or a dog person. 

Some people naturally mesh better with dogs while others mesh better with cats. Working with animals, I have learned a few traits about cat and dog lovers. Cat people are a lot different from dog people. That’s why they have a love for two different animals. Give them a read to find out whom you resonate with the most:

Dog Person

If you are a dog person, you tend to be loving, outgoing, loyal, and structured. Your hobbies will differ from that of a cat person. 

Dog lovers are extroverted. They are social and friendlier. They are confident and dominant at the same time.

Dog people are traditional or they value traditions. They are more rule-abiding. They like following the tide and obeying the rules.

Dog owners tend to believe anything you tell them. They laugh at all sorts of jokes, too. 

Dog people are mostly seeking for a companion and nothing could be better than a loyal dog. That’s why they always think about their buddy before making any plans. The thought of leaving them alone kills them a little. It’s not just the owner, it breaks the heart of the dog to be away from its owner. No wonder whenever you come home, your dog is excited to see you.

Cat Person

If you are a cat person, you might like independence, posing, and adaptability. Cat people are intelligent. 

It has been observed that cat lovers have neurotic disorders and they are prone to anxiety. It is probably because their pets are not reassuring. 

Cat people like isolation. They are more likely to live alone. That’s why cats are mostly owned by single women. 

It may not seem like it but cat lovers are more sensitive. They enjoy sophisticated humor. They don’t just laugh at just about anything. 

Cat lovers are more like cats. They have their own minds. They are not very social, they enjoy independence. They enjoy the laid-back hobbies such as writing, reading or gardening. They prefer keeping things low key. 

A huge sign that you are a cat person is if you are seeking affection. Just like cats, you would like something to purr against. That’s why cat owners like staying home with their pets. It helps them lower stress as well. This explains why cat owners talk to their cats to vent out their feelings. 

What if you love both cats and dogs?

There are a lot of differences between cat people and dog people. But can someone like both? Of course, they can. The people who love both cats and dogs are often known as bi-petuals. It is also observed that dog people are better at tolerating cats. They show willing towards owing a cat as compared to cat owners who are usually reluctant about owning dogs.