How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner

If you have opted for a split system air conditioner unit then the next challenge is learning how to install it. Whilst at first this may seem a little overwhelming, in terms of aircon installation it isn’t as tricky as it sounds, as long as you have some basic DIY experience and a friend to call on to give you a hand. The split system is a great option for your home and once it is fired up and ready to go it will keep you and your loved ones cool and relaxed when the warmer months arrive. Once you are ready, here is a step-by-step guide to installing your unit.

Interior First

First you want to select a location for your interior unit, be sure that your chosen location that isn’t in direct sunlight or close to a gas source. The indoor unit will also need 15cm of open space around the top and sides, so make sure that your chosen spot is big enough. The unit must also be mounted at least 7 feet from the ground. Finally ensure that the wall is strong enough to house the unit.


First take the mounting plate and put it on the wall where the unit will go, use a spirit level to ensure that it is perfectly level and then drill holes into the appropriate areas to fix the plate to the wall. Use plastic anchors to fill the holes before placing the tapping screws. Once this is mounted place a hole above the plate, which is where the piping will be placed, this should be deep enough to reach the exterior of the property and the hole should be 7.5cm in diameter.

Prepping Your Unit

Open up your unit and ensure that all electrical connections have been made by ensuring that the screw terminals have the correct wires attached, these may or may not have been pre-installed. Next up take your tubing out of the unit and, with great care, isolate the drainage pump and the refrigerator line. Take these two tubes and the electrical wire and bind them together with electricians tape to make insertion through the wall easier. Once this has been completed, take the unit and attach it to the mounting plate, ensuring that all tubes and cables pass through the hole before screwing it in.

Outdoor Unit

Ensure that the outdoor unit is away from an area where it could get dusty and that it has plenty of space around the perimeter. Most split system units use a pad installation, which means laying a concrete pad on the ground first to ensure that it is level and off the ground. Once you have the unit in place on the concrete pad you will need to connect the copper pipes from the interior unit to the exterior unit using two adjustable wrenches to make sure of a tight connection. Next up connect the drainage pipes and bind these two tubes with more tape for a smooth flow.

Once you have done this join the copper pipe and the drainage tubes to your outdoor unit through the exposed valves which you’ll see on the side. Finally you need to connect the electrics, but you should always ensure that you use someone who is professionally trained for this, as you’ll be connecting to the main electricity source for the home.

Checking it Out

Once you have completed the installation it is always worth paying out for a professional to come and check the split system air conditioner, and ensure that everything is in full working order. This will help to either fix an issue which you haven’t seen and make sure it is safe to operate.

Alternatively if all of this sounds a bit too complex, by all means call up a professional installer, who will be able to complete this job with ease. Also be careful as some companies will void your warranty if you choose to install the system yourself, so make sure to clarify this before undertaking any work.