How to Include the Youngest Family Members in Family Game Night


Family game night can be an excellent way to get everyone together and to have a little bit of fun. However, when there are young kids in the family, it can be a little more difficult to ensure everyone is having fun and able to participate. Check out these tips to help make sure the family game night is accessible to everyone in the family and to ensure a great time. 

Pick Games Everyone Can Play

With a variety of different ages, it can be hard to find games everyone will like. With young kids, it’s better to stick with less complex games for at least part of the game night. While these will be very easy for the older players, they can still have fun helping the younger kids play. Make sure to find a company, such as shop family board games with Big Whale to find games that are perfect for even the youngest kids in the family. 

Choose Faster Games to Play

Young kids are not going to sit still and play the same game for three hours unless they really love it and they’re playing it over and over. They prefer nearly instant wins and may prefer to play a variety of games instead of the same one repeatedly. Look for games that are quick, no more than 30 minutes when it’s played and, where possible, less than 10 minutes. These games can each be played a few times during the game night. 

Include Games that Require Movement

It’s hard for younger kids to really sit still long enough to spend a few hours playing board games with the family. Instead of sticking only with board games, try adding a few games that inspire them to get up and move. Many of these games are fast, but they allow the kids to move around a bit so they’re ready to sit at the table again and play the next board game. 

Pair Up to Play Games

The older kids and adults aren’t going to want to just focus on playing games the littlest kids will enjoy, but that doesn’t mean the little ones need to be left out. Instead, pair the younger kids with an older teen or an adult for the more complex games. They’ll still get the benefits of playing board games and be able to interact by moving game pieces or picking up cards, but they won’t need to understand all of the rules for the game since they’ll have someone playing with them. Plus, playing as part of a team can be more fun for the little ones. 

If you’re ready to plan a family game night, make sure you know how to include everyone. Even the younger kids will enjoy being a part of the family game night if their needs are taken into consideration. Use the tips here to make sure everyone can play games together and that the whole family will have a fantastic time.