How to Grocery Shop on a Budget at a Foodtown Near Me

Simple tips to help you save money on your next grocery trip

People have to eat, so groceries are an expense that everybody has. Most people could spend less at the grocery store and waste less food if they followed a few simple tips. Before you head out to a Foodtown near you, check out this short guide to saving money on your food bill.

Make a checklist of pantry essentials

The first thing to do is to sit down and create a list of all the foods you eat regularly. This is your essentials list, so get everyone in the household to help make sure you don’t forget anything. Make some extra copies so you have a fresh list to bring on every grocery trip. When you are shopping, check off each item as you add it to your cart and mark the price so you can get an idea of how much you spend on basics.

Clean out your cupboards

Cupboards have a way of hiding food. Items on the shelves get shuffled around and become disorganized. To avoid buying items you already have or throwing away food that has expired while sitting at the back of the cabinet, give your pantry a quick clean before you go grocery shopping. This way you can take a quick inventory and you will notice when your household goes through an item faster or slower than usual. Plus, your cabinets will be organized, making it easier to unload when you get home.

Plan meals for the week

Planning ahead is key to saving money on groceries. Once you have taken an inventory of your pantry, create a meal plan for the week. List all the ingredients you will need for each recipe, crossing out anything you already have. Put this weekly list with your essentials list so you have a complete guide when you get to the store.

Buy seasonal produce

Fresh produce can get expensive. To keep costs down, buy foods that are in season. Not only will they cost less, but they will also taste better, and will probably come from local growers. Seasonal, local produce is often featured or tagged with special signs, but if you aren’t sure just ask! One of the store associates can help you choose the freshest seasonal fruits and veggies.

Sign up for the Foodtown Club Card program

Signing up for the Club Card is free and easy. You will get member-only discounts, access to digital coupons, and exclusive offers. There is even an app that can help you plan your meals, make shopping lists, find the closest Foodtown near you, and even order your groceries right from your phone.

Stick to your list

Now that you know what you have and what you need (thanks to your handy lists), you can stay within your budget and get in and out of the store fast. Avoid the temptation of extra purchases and you will have no problem getting your household grocery budget under control.

Keep track of your savings

Saving money feels great,but seeing that money grow is even better. Putting all the cash you save on groceries into a special account will give you extra funds and the right to brag to your friends “look at how much I saved on groceries at a Foodtown near me!”