September 25, 2023

Life may be short, but every moment is precious. As Horace, a Roman poet, once said, Carpe diem. In English translation, this phrase means seize the day. Helping others is the finest way to have fun in life. Besides helping someone open the door because their hands are full, joining a community service in Singapore can take your act of kindness to the next level.

When you join a community service, you will become a volunteer of a particular program in Singapore, where you will join others to help the needy. Here are some things you might want to do to guarantee that you will get the most out of your newly found experience.

  1. Find A Cause That Has A Special Meaning For You

Doing what is close to your heart will help you be more passionate so you can do your best as a volunteer to make a difference. In that case, consider asking yourself about your goals and interests. Your answers can help you find the right community service where you can volunteer.

  1. Be Active

When you become a volunteer for a particular program in Singapore, ensure to be active. Arrange your schedule and find some spare time when you can do your volunteering activities. Remember that sparing an hour or two can go a long way and change the life of the people you will be helping.

  1. Respect For The Location

Another thing to take note of is the place. Joining a community service means that you will be out of your comfort zone. You will be in a place you have not been to before.

  1. Prepare A Volunteer Bag

Preparing a volunteer bag can help you get ready anytime. When there is community service in Singapore that will need your help during the weekend, you can get there faster since you already have packed what you need.

  1. Try To Learn The Language 

Community service projects are not only available locally. Some non-profit organisations also help people from other countries, which is why volunteers should learn the language. That way, there will be no language barrier, and they can help the needy properly.

Are You Looking For An Youth Entrepreneurship Program?

You can improve your youth entrepreneurship skills by joining the Singapore International Foundation. This non-profit organisation has several community service projects both local and abroad.

Contact Singapore International Foundation at (65) 6837 8700 or check out their ongoing youth entrepreneurship program on their website.