How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring

Custom engagement rings can be as unique as your relationship. When designing custom engagement rings, there are some things you should know in order to make the process go smoother.

Start Early: Custom engagement rings can take a few months to create. Be sure to start early so you have the ring in time to fit your proposal timeline.

Have Visuals: Visuals can serve as a good starting point when designing a ring. Instagram and Pinterest can be great sources of inspiration so you can find a setting you like, the color of the stone, and different ideas for bands. When you are creating your own ring, you can borrow ideas from anywhere.

Find a Reputable Jeweler: You want to go with a jeweler who is reputable and has created custom rings before. It helps if the jeweler has created rings that mirror the style you are looking at. It can also help to start with an existing collection as a base and put your own special touches on it if you are feeling overwhelmed with the process.

Choose the Metal: A traditional engagement ring is made from white gold, silver, yellow gold, or platinum. When you are designing your own ring, you can choose whatever metal you want. In addition to the classic choices, you may also want to consider recycled blended metals, titanium, palladium, or rose gold. You may also want to mix metals, such as yellow and white gold, for a unique look.

Choose the Stone: You can use the 4Cs in order to find the perfect diamond. These include cut, color, clarity, and carat. However, you can also choose a stone just based on your heart since a diamond is more than just the GIA rating. Each diamond will sparkle in its own way. You will also want to decide on a cut of stone. Traditional cuts for rings include radiant, pear, emerald, oval, princess, cushion, and round. However, you can also choose to leave the stone uncut for a unique look.

Choose a Setting: There are many different settings to choose from, including halo, flush, bezel, bar, channel, pave, three stone, cluster, and shank. This is where visuals come in handy so you can look at different settings and pick and choose what you like about each one.

Don’t Forget about the Wedding Band: You can save a lot of money if you also design the wedding band at the same time. The jeweler may be able to work out a deal and you can ensure that the wedding band will match seamlessly with the custom engagement ring.

Once you have chosen the stone, setting, and metal, you will collaborate on a sketch and wax model. Once those are approved, the jeweler will move into casting and any further recommendations.