How to Decide if Baseboards Are Right for Your Building


Baseboards are often the ugly duckling at the party. No one seems to care about them or think about them much. However, just as the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan, baseboards can do that much for your commercial space.

In fact, there are many advantages to adding a baseboard trim to your building. Read on to see whether baseboards are right for your building or not.

Are You Worried about Damage to Your Walls?

One of the main advantages of baseboards is that they help protect your walls from damage from overexcitable cleaners, or employees who are smashing into the walls with carts, and other metal tools.

Also, if you are worried about dirt or debris getting into the cracks between the wall and the flooring, then a baseboard trim is a great way of preventing that.

It’s easy to sweep the dirt or debris away without affecting your walls as baseboards provide a solid 90-degree gap for dirt and debris to stop at!

Interested in cleaning the baseboards in your commercial space? This post will help you with all the nitty-gritty details you might be missing.

Is Water Damage an Issue in Your Building?

If you have an older office building from the 50s or 60s, or if water damage is an issue in your building, then baseboard molding or baseboard trim can be a great add-on.

Drywall is especially susceptible to moisture, and without baseboards, the moisture in your building, or water that’s dropped onto the floors can seep easily into the drywall damaging them. Use your baseboards to prevent that.

Was Your Builder into Crooked Walls?

Sometimes you are stuck with a building that has crooked walls as one of its main features. Instead of being ashamed of your crooked walls, use baseboards to hide that fact easily.

In fact, most walls aren’t built straight. It’s quite hard to do so. A quality baseboard trim can help hide your crooked walls.

Are You Interested in Protecting Your Hardwood Floors?

Did you know that hardwood floors expand and contract throughout the year? It depends on the temperature and the season. Builders will leave a small gap (1/4 inches usually) along the wall to accommodate that.

You can prevent people from seeing that ugly gap by using baseboards. It covers the gap in a beautiful manner and allows your hardwood floors the space they need to express their innate nature. Win-win!

Baseboards for the Office Building Isn’t Such a Novel Concept

Now that you see the advantages to having baseboards in the office building, it’s time for you to think about adding a baseboard trim or a baseboard molding to your office space.

There are many baseboard styles to choose from, and some are formal enough for an office space. There are lots of baseboard benefits that you would miss if you didn’t get them for your office building.

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