How Store And Care for Civil War Artifacts

Having Civil War collectibles is something that a lot of people take pride in. It’s extremely hard to find authentic civil war artifacts. Other than that, it’s also really tough to make sure that they are stored properly and they’re not deteriorating. This can only be done with proper preservation techniques.

Depending on who you ask, they will have their own ways of storing and caring for their civil war artifacts. If you want to ensure that all your collectibles are not damaged by bad practices, you have to stick to these care tips based on facts and experience. Make sure you keep in mind the things below.

Clean before storing

Before you store your civil war collectibles, make sure that they have been cleaned thoroughly. The method of cleaning is going to depend on the material and type of artifact. In most cases, archival boxes or containers will be fine. It’s the environment where it’s kept that will matter.

What you are going to use as a storage area should be checked before. Is it a cool and dry environment? Is there an area of the room where the sunlight is going to be hitting the stored artifact directly for a long amount of time? Make sure that this is not the case.

Wash your hands before touching textiles

If you are going to use or display textiles, thoroughly wash your hands. After rinsing your hands, make sure that you dry them thoroughly as well. Not doing so can cause dirt and grease to be smeared on your civil war collectibles.

Inside an environmentally-controlled temperature, lay your textiles flat. Ensure that there is only minimal light. If possible, keep it away from sunlight. If you are going to hand clothing, there are hangers that are considered to be preservation-safe that you can use to get the extra safety.

Take your jewels to a jeweler unless you are 100% sure that what you’re about to do is correct

Some jewels have really specific ways when it comes to the cleaning method and materials. For most jewels, bleach and toothbrush will suffice. Silver should be wrapped inside silver cloth before storing it inside a box. Diamonds should be kept separate from other jewels because they might scratch the surface of other jewels.

Other jewels that you aren’t sure of what they’re made of should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals. There is a risk of degrading the quality of the jewel because of the incompatibility of the cleaning material.

Factors you don’t think about when storing civil war collectibles

Unfortunately, there are many things that a lot of people miss when they store their collectibles. These things include:

Hourly temperature



Foot traffic

Air pollutants

These can all affect the quality of your collectible and may contribute to the deterioration. If you are thinking of having your civil war artifact for display, you should always have something that serves as a layer of protection between it and the outside pollutants.

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