How Omatic Cloud Works & Why You Should Consider It For Your Nonprofit Organization

A cloud-based integration solution is a good choice for many nonprofit organizations. Relying on a cloud-based model for database software for nonprofits makes it possible to connect nonprofit databases, securely share and instantly access the records you need across donor relationship management and web-based engagement platforms. Find out what sets the Omatic Cloud apart from other third-party service providers and why this platform is a good choice for nonprofits seeking to strategize data flow.

Omatic Cloud Was Specifically Designed for Nonprofits

Omatic Cloud data integration solutions originated as a method for integrating, extending and optimizing the function of the leading nonprofit software as a service platforms. Whether you are looking for a Salesforce Raiser’s Edge integration or solutions to connect other popular software in this sector such as Altru, Financial Edge or Blackbaud CRM, Omatic integration tools have been developed with these and other leading nonprofit platforms in mind.

A few of the ways in which Omatic cloud excels include solutions for automating the import and export of donor records and operational records across platforms as well as a data health suite for completing, standardizing and taking other measures to improve the quality of data maintained by a nonprofit organization. These functions are designed particularly with donor, constituent or supporter data in mind. Standardize electronic and physical contact information, score supporters based on cross-platform engagement and control data flows with functions for managing actions and queries.

Omatic Cloud Integration Helps Maintain Control of Data Flow

The Omatic Cloud integration platform features built-in automatic and manual functionality for controlling the movement of data between software platforms. Without cloud-based integration software, transferring files between two or more SaaS installations can pose serious challenges for a nonprofit that does not have a dedicated Information Technology department. A variety of other functions may also be more difficult based on whether the integration software in use is designed to factor in the types of data that are most essential to the function of a not-for-profit organization.

Any attempt to manually copy or transfer donor, fundraising or operational data on the part of staff, volunteers or other stakeholders increases the risk of errors and inefficiencies. For this reason, automated import and export functions are essential to maintaining the quality of an organization’s data across every point in existing flows and optimizing the use potential and security of data. Beyond these measures, the ability to direct pertinent data to and from financial, email marketing and donor relationship management platforms are essential functions available in the Omatic Cloud.

Omatic offers the only cloud-based data integration solution to be designed for nonprofit organizations. This software is designed to work with the most popular SaaS platforms used to manage fundraising data and supporter engagement, such as Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, Salesforce for Nonprofits. In addition to these platforms, a cloud integration can ensure the stakeholders of your organization have access to records when and where the data in question is most relevant, redirecting and streamlining data flows for communication, engagement, fundraising and every other aspect of operating a not-for-profit organization.