February 8, 2023

Emirates ID is a crucial document for every UAE resident. To be more precise, this document is issued right after your passport gets stamped with the UAE residency visa and is valid for the same duration as your visa. That said, if you are searching for ways to check your Emirates ID, here’s a brief guide stating the uses and steps to check your Emirates id status and application status. Without further ado, let’s begin with today’s discussion! 

What Can The Emirates ID Be Used For? 

Emirates ID is generally used for plenty of purposes. Or let’s just say, it is highly important to sustain your stay throughout the UAE. Among them are a few instances where the Emirates ID is used include: 

  • Applying for various government services such as DEWA, etc. 
  • Passing via immigration e-gates at the UAE airport
  • Prevents identity theft and fraud 
  • To access secured e-services 
  • Legal citizenship that protects an individual’s identity/ identity information 
  • Verification and identification under international standards
  • Sponsoring dependents under your UAE visa 
  • Rent an apartment and store ID applications in future 

Besides this, holding an Emirates ID permits you to fulfill a vast range of administrative requirements with regards to bank account opening, utility services, insurance applications, etc. 

Checking The Emirates ID Status 

Individuals can check their ID status via the ICA website and voice calls. Although both the methods are swift and easy, people generally select the ICA Website method to get a clear picture of their Emirates ID check. 

  • ICA Method: Visit the ICA website and select language. Tap the Id Status Inquiry Option. Next, enter the number of your ID card to know the id status. Next, click the Check button to inquire regarding your id status. 
  • Voice Method: Dial 600-5300-o3. Talk to the executive about your card status. Next, verify your identity, provide your ID number to the executive and get your ID Status. 

Checking The Emirates ID Application Status 

Checking the application status is similar to checking the ID Status. In case you want to know your new ID card request application status or your ID renewal status, follow the steps below. 

  • Step 1: Visit the ICA website 
  • Step 2: Choose your language in the ICA Portal
  • Step 3: Click on the “Emirates ID Application Status” option 
  • Step 4: A page pops up. Enter your application number
  • Step 5: Click on the Check Button to know your Emirates ID Application Status. 


Checking your Emirates id status is vital to confirm and legalise your stay in the UAE. With a thorough Emirates id check, you can rest assured that you are eligible to stay and work in the UAE without facing any considerable issues. On that note, if you are curious to know more about your UAE resident ID, connect with none other than Emirabiz today. The team of experts is available 24*7 to offer professional advice and guidance to individuals planning to obtain the Emirates ID faultlessly.