How Do Software Vulnerabilities Affect Businesses Negatively?

The news about hacking is very common and, surprisingly, very frequently heard of. For instance, the recent attack on Google that compromised the accounts of millions of users globally is something that still remains fresh in the minds of many. So, how is made possible that the security system of even such elite companies and firms becomes open to hacking? If you’ve been wondering the same thing, then you must be informed about system vulnerabilities and loopholes.

The first thing that you should know is, each and everything that’s connected to the internet is hackable – smartphones, tablets, computers, and even surveillance cameras. This is because hackers can use the backdoor exploit method to break into your devices when online. Having said that, it’s time that you learn how vulnerabilities in a single code can affect millions.

How Do Hackers Exploit Companies And Individuals?

To begin with, it is necessary that you understand the concept of how software and firmware work. A single software is used by millions of users all across the world. So, if hackers can find out even a small bug in the code of the software, then each and every device that uses the same software become vulnerable and open to hacking. And this is the reason that software vulnerabilities – bugs – cause such serious damage. Nevertheless, there are a couple of ways in which this exploitation can be minimized. The most effective ones are given below.

  • The company that develops the software should spend enough time to keep fixing bugs as they come. The updates should then be made available to all the clients who can install them and keep their systems bug-free
  • Companies – big or small – can hire white hat hackers on a personal level. These hackers constantly monitor the software code that the company is using. Their work is to keep eliminating the bugs so that the running code is free of loopholes that hackers otherwise feed on
  • Running bounty programs is yet another way of dealing with software vulnerabilities. It involves giving ethical hackers access to the software of your company so that they can find hidden bugs in lieu of which they are paid a bounty
  • You should install a firewall and antivirus on your systems that can warn you about hidden phishing threats, viruses, and malware
  • Choosing a strong security password for all internet connected devices is yet another smart method to reduce the risk of hacking