How an Attorney Helps Plaintiffs in Personal Injury Cases

If a car accident has caused you an injury and/or cost property damage, an experienced attorney can offer a great deal of help. You might be in dilemma whether to approach a lawyer or handling the matter on your own when it comes to dealing with the insurance company for claim settlement. Though the decision should be based on particularities and complexities of your case, Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys can do:

  • Converse with the other party’s insurance company
  • Collect the necessary evidences regarding liability
  • Organize your medical bills and records
  • Contact your health care service providers to collect missing records
  • Work with your physician to obtain necessary medical documents that will prove damages in your compensation claim
  • Collect, organize and present all the evidences in support of liability and damages
  • Negotiate with your health or workers’ compensation insurers (referred to as lien holders) to size down the lien amount.
  • Negotiate a favorable settlement with the defense attorney or insurance adjuster

We will now shed light on some crucial components of the lawyers’ roles and responsibilities in car accident claim cases.

Communicating with the other party’s insurer

In any kind of personal injury case, the first step that the plaintiff’s lawyer takes is to strike conversation with the insurance adjuster for the defendant. The adjuster has deep pocket and therefore, a lawyer should measure his steps and weigh his words to develop a cordial relationship with the person.

Collecting necessary evidences with respect to liability

A good lawyer makes all efforts to collect the necessary evidences to prove the other party’s liability in his client’s accident claim. Even if you have taken photos of the accident site, damaged car and other details, your attorney will prefer to visit the place to see and judge everything in person. The lawyer will also talk to the witnesses and investigating police offers to obtain more details and get a clearer picture of the accident.

Collecting necessary evidences of car damages

It is one of the aspects where a good lawyer’s help will prove crucial to your case, especially if you have sustained serious injuries in a car accident. It is important to obtain and organize all the necessary documents that will prove to be a backbone of your damage claim. Though you are entitled to all the medical records and bills, it is not a healthcare provider’s priority to send all these to your lawyer.

Sometimes, the records are incomplete, especially if you underwent treatment at a small nursing home. The doctor might also evade the details about your injury, prognosis and disability (if any) in notes. You must produce medical evidences to prove other party’s liability and prosecute your personal injury claim.

Negotiating with lien holders

If you receive health, disability or workers’ compensation benefits, the insurer is entitled to a lien on your claim. A good lawyer negotiates with the lien holders with an aim at reducing the amount of the lien.

Negotiating the settlement

The lawyer takes an active role in settlement negotiation. It is definitely a hard work and requires special skill to influence others for a settlement in favor of the plaintiff. A good personal injury lawyer outsmarts others on the negotiation table. The attorney knows how much your case is worth and how to proceed with the case and negotiate with the other party and persons representing him or her.