The new age of swag is showing off new hover boards. Hover boards are nothing less than skates. It is a new way to commute from one place to another in a stylish way. Besides, hover boards have been quite famous among youngsters nowadays and kids too. They are also called as self-balancing scooters.It has two motorised wheels and it is an easy mode to commute. The electric scooter and hover boards have the same parent companies mostly. Take a look at some beautiful hover boards at unbelievable prices for sale at Buyselfbalancingscooter .

  1. Swagtron T6

The swagtron T6 is suitable for all riders in all and can handle a lot of weight. It is the best to choose as it is for all shapes and sizes.  This device inclines on it’s own if the roads have bumps or if you travel through mud or grass it can adjust its setting on its own. It can travel through gravel too. The range where it can go to is up to 12 km. The power speed can reach up to 12 MPH. The thick rugged tires help the board to glide swiftly. Tires are tubeless and are designed for all terrain. It balances on its own. You have to lean forward to make it move in front. Lean a little back to slow it down and stay to keep it stable.

  1. Swagtron T5

This swagtron t5 has a practicing safe system which allows beginners to practice in a safe mode. It restricts speed up to 7 mph. The turbo engines have improved with best engine in the new Swagtron T5. It has a battery indicator which displays whether the battery is dying and you need t charge it as soon as possible. It has a learner mode for beginners. Technology has paved way for new and exciting products like these. It is perfect for children and even adults. Both can use it and this is the speciality of this product. It can handle weight and can easily lift up to 189 lbs. The design of this hover board is unique and stylish so you look cool while you ride.

While these are two on sale, there are many more such hover boards which are tremendously good and comfortable. While you use a hover board, remember to use a helmet and knee caps and elbow caps for protection.