Houston Fire Extinguisher Service, Inspection & Practice


It is said that on average, almost 355,000 home fires happen annually within the U.S alone. These fires can cause critical damage, and cause thousands and thousands of people being severely injured and in worst cases, death. Home and natural fires can cause up to a total of $6.5 billion worth of damage in a single year, with an average of 7 people that die daily in America. This means that home fires can cause a fatality of 2560 people per year! This is a lot of people’s lives died from unnecessary fires, and the sad part is that there could have been something done to prevent this from happening. We live in a generation where we have some of the highest technology and strategies to prevent other tragedies, so it should also be the same for fires.

How Do Fires Start In the First Place?

There are three kinds of fires that can occur, natural fires, accidental fires, home fires, and arson fires. Natural wildfires can be caused by lightning or extreme heat, and citizens should not try to take these kinds of fires into the matters of their own hands. Lightning as we know it can be extremely deadly and can be temperatures up to 30,000 Kelvin or 50000 degrees Fahrenheit! This kind of temperature even is known to be hotter than the sun! This means that any kind of area that has vegetation such as trees, bushes, and other plants could be zapped out of existence with a touch of lightning. Then, the extreme heat from lightning will spread and potentially cause a major fire, especially if there is no kind of rain or moisture to stop it.

Although naturally occurring fires can be caused by lightning and other extreme heat factors, it is said that 85% of all fires are caused by humans. Many of these are accidental, but some of them are mistakes could have been completely avoided. Human-caused fires can happen due to campfires left unsupervised or not properly put out. Human accidental fires can also be caused by burning trash/debris, carelessly discarding cigarettes onto the ground or a person purposely committing arson. Therefore it is extremely important that people do not think that there is not much we can do to stop fires. There is something we can do, and it starts with not neglecting the fact that a wildfire can start with simply not being safe and cautious.

What Can Be Done To Stop Human Caused Fires?

Most people that have accidentally started a fire are innocent and do not think that their actions would have caused harm. Unfortunately, anyone that accidentally starts a fire is still causing major harm to the environment in other people’s lives. This is why fires and safety go hand in hand, and it is very simple to start learning ways to prevent a fire from anywhere.

There are many locations and websites that train people to prevent and stop fires indoors and outdoors. Although fires can be caused anywhere, many places that have fires are places like California and Houston, Texas. There are Houston fire extinguisher training available for anyone to take practice in putting out a fire.

What Company Or Website Trains People To Put Out Fires?

It is extremely vital that people come prepared for any kind of tragic moment like a fire, and there are websites like Omega Safety training helps people be ready. We might not be able to control all fires, but going to a local fire extinguisher training or learning online will help people put out small fires and prevent them from turning into big fires.

Omega Safety Training that offers PEC Safety, OSHA training, and online fire classes. Attending Omega Safety Train is a place that can help beginners learn how to professionally handle situations concerning fire. Anyone wanting to learn and know what to do when a fire occurs, Omega Safety Training will give all the train and knowledge a person needs.