High-profit Fundraisers For Schools

Fundraisers are the major money revenue for schools. While there are lots of fundraisers, it is important to know that not all are profit yielding. Meanwhile, the goal of fundraisers is to make profit.  Noone knows this better than Fundraising Zone.

Selecting a fundraiser for your school may be a bit challenging, but it is better to set your mind on achieving a high-profit fundraiser. Fundraisers are used to target several school projects that will benefit the kids. Sometimes, fundraisers are used to generate money for school programs like going on a field trip, playground equipment, classroom supplies, etc.

This post is all about exposing you to ideas that can yield high profits for your project. Whatever your plan is, the following fundraisers are amazing ways to generate a 90 – 100% profit.

Read-a-thon: this fundraiser usually sparks the interest of parents. Since it’s all about increasing the kid’s intellects, parents are usually willing to participate. Read-a-thon fundraiser does more than generating high profit for the school but also inspires the kids to read more. The students pledge to read some pages and get a fancy certificate upon completion. This fundraiser is a great idea for a school looking to set up a book club for the students. Read-a-thon is great for students in middle school and high school.

Sing-a-thon: Enough of singing in the shower, let the students that can sing come out to show their great talent to the audience. Organize a karaoke challenge or a lip sync challenge at the school auditorium or cafeteria. Make the students donate a small amount of money to hear their friends or favorite teacher sing. Put together a panel of judges to choose the winners. Make it engaging by letting the students vote to choose the winner.

Pet walk: everyone gets the opportunity to come to school with their pets. Students can come with their own pets or even borrow one to walk a set distance to raise money for the school. Pet walk as a fundraiser is usually fun as the pets get to be around other animals and make new friends. There is no pet restriction for the pet walk. You can come in with your dogs, mini horses, turtles, and ferrets.

Superhero run: this encourages the students to dress up and participate in the run dressing up as their favorite superhero. The costumes don’t have to be all elaborate, the money can be channeled into the donations instead. This kind of fun activity will help you to get donations from parents, students, and people who would like to watch. They can contribute a token to watch their favorite superhero int the competition.

Scratchboard fundraiser: this yields a high profit 99% of the time. Give scratchboards to the students for their family and friends to scratch. The scratchboard has small donation amounts under each circle, participants get to pay whatever price is under the circle they scratch off the board. This fundraiser is quite exciting and fun. Participants love it, students love it, and it yields a high profit. Get every member of the community to scratch and donate.

Movie night: a movie night fundraiser does it all the time. The students are definitely going to turn up for the love of movies. The fact that they will be in school to have fun and not to do some school work can spark their interest. Choose a popular movie or a comedy, depending on your audience and grant them entrance for a price.

Students are usually excited about movie night, so there’s definitely going to be high turn up. A movie might night is best for high school fundraising.

Video game tournament: this is definitely going to yield a large turnout and, of course, high profit. Set a day to have an inter-class video game tournament. Participants get to pay a little amount to participate in the tournament. It doesn’t have to end in a day as there would be a lot of people willing to enter the tournament. This fundraising idea is great for the holidays. Everyone is allowed in the tournament, teachers, students, and parents.

These fundraisers have a crowd-drawing capability, so you are going to be having a large turn out from which you can have a high profit.