Hemp Oil has a New Use with Counteracting the Side Effects of the HPV Injection

The vaccine for the human papillomavirus remains a controversial subject in present day medicine. This is because recent studies have found worrying findings that point to extreme adverse reaction to the vaccine for some people, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and complex regional pain syndrome associated with the administration of the vaccine.

This controversy stems from the fact that in addition to the almost 100 million infected Americans, nearly 14 million more Americans get infected with HPV on a yearly basis and so the demand for the vaccine continues to increase.

While there are several adverse reactions that result from the administration of HPV vaccine,  only a few of them ever get recounted. One of them is the Dysautonomic syndrome which impedes the functions of the autonomic nervous system and results in posture-related spikes in heart rate and the reduction in the functionalities of various systems in the body, as well as autonomic neuropathy and breakdown.

Effects of Hemp Oil

While the cannabis plant is itself a highly potent medicinal herb, hemp oil has been discovered during research to be particularly effective against the adverse effects of the HPV vaccination. The study was carried out using twelve females within the ages of 12 and 25, who were or had been HPV patients at one point, and experienced the adverse effects of the vaccine. Each woman either had physical or autonomic system related reaction to the vaccine.

Each of them were placed under close observation after receiving small amounts of hemp oil that contained a very high percentage of CBD. Results from the study reveals that each person noticed a reduction in the various reactions they experienced as a result of the vaccine.

Is It Okay to Administer Hemp Oil to Children?

Inadequate knowledge about CBD, hemp oil and cannabis has resulted in the misconception that children should not receive any treatment originating from the plant. Not only is this an absurd assumption to make, but it is also detrimental to the wellbeing of minors because the remedial advantage of cannabis and hemp oil can also be readily harnessed to relieve children of the side reactions of HPV vaccine.

People who are vaccinated/are being vaccinated against HPV should be duly informed about the side reactions they’re likely to experience after the vaccine so that they’re not taken unawares by the symptoms.

Furthermore, complete and effective treatments for these side reactions can only be possible if HPV patients are offered hemp oil. For more information, we would recommend you visit Cannabis.net.