Handy Looks at Clever Advertisements That Gained Serious Attention


In order to promote your product in this world of hardcore competition, you need to market it well. Advertising it through an innovative style or in an eye-catching manner is the best way to leave an impact on the audience. This includes finding the right elements to make it stand out among the sea of other similar products. There are various agencies with creative talents that have delivered the message loud and clear to the viewers. Handy looks at some of these clever advertisements that gained serious attention with their great storytelling skills.

The Ads

  1. FedEx- A Company that deals with the delivery of packages from one end of the world to another, FedEx knows how to display its scheme via an intelligent advertisement. Created by DDB Brazil, it shows continental maps on buildings where the easy transfer of package is shown through two windows that fall in different continents in the map drawing on the building. It is definitely a distinctive way to spread the message of its effectiveness and about the punctuality of their service.
  2. Ariel- Washing powder brand Ariel advocates its usage by claiming that it makes whites whiter and colors new as ever. In its bid to express this, the advertisement by Saatchi & Saatchi shows an exaggerated version of the story by making the person’s shirt so white that the shadow is blocked. This interesting concept was a boost to the brand image due to its inflated mechanism of portrayal.
  3. IKEA- The affordable home furniture store highlights the lack of closet space in their advertisement in order to sell their space-saving solutions. The team at TBWA/ISTANBUL created this bright print advertisement that shows a sneaker pushed in a peep-toe stiletto citing the shortage of closet space. The picture says it all with the emphasis that the solutions offered at IKEA for storage in small spaces are worth going for a visit to an IKEA store.
  4. California Milk Processor Board- The advertisement was aimed to promote the dairy industry in a very clever manner. It showed a person who was unable to answer a question to a radio quiz because of the peanut butter sandwich that stuck in the palate of his mouth and there was no milk to wash it down. This resulted in the loss of the prize money to the man. The idea and the humor went well with the viewers and subsequently, the dairy industry saw a whopping surge in sales and made a huge profit out of it.
  5. Greenpeace- Greenpeace released a campaign that aimed at creating awareness about the impact that plastic waste has on marine life. In this advertisement, fishes were shown to have plastic straws in their mouth gasping for breath. Powerful images like this created an impact so strong that many companies began to go green. Even McDonald’s started using paper straws to exhibit their credential of caring for the planet.


Handy feels that clever adverts are a great way to spread the message of the product in a language that common people can relate to and understand well. With the use of unique designs and images, it has become easier to engage the audience and increase brand awareness.