Fun water activities to do in your waterfront home

One of the coolest things about having a waterfront home is that you have numerous water activities you can do just outside your door. If you are drawing a blank on your options, let us help. Here are some great activities you can do with friends, family and kids!

Water Activities You Can Get Excited About

1.    Ball push

Get a water hose with a spray nozzle and place balls in a line along the edge of the water. Then have your kids use the spray nozzle to push the balls into the water. You can make this even more fun by having the kid who won the game swim out and get the balls from the water.

2.    Sponge squeeze

Fill two buckets with water by your home and have two other buckets that are empty. Have your kids use identical sponges to sop up water in one bucket and transfer the water to an empty bucket. Whoever is the first to transfer all the water is the winner.

3.    Ring pong

Take an inner tube and put it in the water so that it floats on top. Then have the kids try to throw ping pong balls into the inner part of the ring. Once they are done, they can swim in and grab the balls.

The key is to make sure the tube remains accessible. You may need to tie a weight to the tube depending on your water conditions. You could also let the tube float along the canal if you have a gentle enough current going.