Fun in the Fall: 6 Fall Party Ideas for a Fantastic October

In this article, check out these different fall party ideas from spooky ideas to the vibrant colors of fall. Read on to explore all of these different ideas to make sure you’re the king/queen of the pumpkins.

Fall Party Planning Tips

First, decide what age-range this party will be for, and what it’ll be celebrating. Is it a birthday, Halloween party, or even just a fall party?

Once you have your idea in mind, send out invitations with at least a few weeks for guests to respond whether they can come or not. This will allow you to buy all of the proper amounts of items you’ll need for the party.

How To Choose a Location? 

When deciding on a location, determine how many people will be coming, and what will be the most comfortable situation. If you’re going to be having a large birthday party, you might want to consider a park or other outdoor location.

For colder climates with large parties, consider a room you can rent out. If it’s a small party, you can have it in the comfort of your own home. Before you pick a place, you’ll want to ensure that it fits your budget as well.

Fall Decor Ideas

Depending on the location, you can have streamers and balloons inside. Keep the theme of your party in mind as you’re coming up with different fall decorations.

For example, you can have scarecrows, straw hats, artificial fall leaves, real pumpkins, or corn. If it’s outside, you can consider a witch’s cauldron that you fill with dry ice or Halloween props such as dolls or other scary toys.

  • Pumpkin Carving Competition

To celebrate fall, why not have a pumpkin carving competition? Adults and children alike will enjoy this event and the friendly competition they can partake in.

Have a voting box that people can submit their anonymous votes into. Have plenty of food to snack on during the event, such as brownies and hot chocolate. You can even have different prizes for the winner as well.

  • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Have your rustic chairs ready, and invite your friends over to enjoy some pumpkin spice coffee. Don’t just stop at the coffee, but have other pumpkin-flavored items as well, such as pumpkin pie and cookies.

Dress your home up with different fall items to make a cozy fall feel all around. There are plenty of recipes out there online to check out and make for your fall party.

  • Caramel Apple Parties

Caramel apple parties are great for kids. You can have different caramel apple toppings for them to add to their apples.

  • Game Night

Have friends over for a game night that’s fall-themed. Grab any and all games that are related to fall, and ensure that there are plenty of fall snacks and decorations around. Encourage guests to bring fall items as well.

For snacks, encourage guests to bring items that won’t cause stickiness since they’ll be touching cards. You can take a mini pumpkin and cut off the top.

In the top, place a small cereal bowl filled with hummus or another dip of choice. Cut up veggies and fruit that you can place next to the pumpkin for them to dip. You can get creative and draw a face on the pumpkin with a permanent marker.

  • Costume Party

For children and adults alike, many enjoy to dress up. Let your guests know to come dressed up and that you’ll be holding a costume contest. Check out the different creative costumes you’ll be seeing when people know it’s a competition.

Have a playlist of Halloween songs, plenty of food, and of course, a prize for who wins the best costume of the night. You can have different prizes too such as the scariest, cutest, most creative, etc.

  • Craft Events

For craft events, you can have craft tables with instructions printed out for guests to reference. You can find plenty of fall-themed activities online for children/teens. Before the party, make sure that you have the supplies necessary for everyone coming.

Make sure that there are enough adults to help the children with setting up different crafts. You can also include some fall games as well.

Some fun craft ideas are clay pots, leaf pictures, or mask designs. Buy eye masks at your local craft store and have plenty of glitter, glue, feathers, markers, and other items they can use to decorate the masks.

You can buy clay pots at a craft store, and children can paint them with different colors. For leaf pictures, have children outside, and search for fall items such as pine cones and acorns. Have glue and paper handy for children to place the items they find.

Fall Goodie Bags

At the end of a child’s fall party, pass out goodie bags to thank guests for coming. You can include bags of candy, stickers, socks, etc. Check with parents to make sure there are no allergies before you buy the items for the goodie bags.

Exploring Different Fall Party Ideas

Now that you’ve explored different fall party ideas, you should be able to come up with the perfect fall-themed party for your guests. Would you like to read more creative content? For everything from home to art, check out our other articles today.