Free Web Hosting vs Shared Hosting: A Guide for New Website Owners

In today’s connected world, every business that hopes to succeed and make it big needs an online presence. If your business does not have a website, now is the time to address the shortcoming. As more and more services go online, do not let your business be at a disadvantage. Get online today with your very own business website!

If you’ve decided to take the plunge, you must’ve started your search for hosting services to host your website. During your search, you surely must’ve come across some providers offering free web hosting services. Free hosting service does not charge you a fee for hosting your website. If you decide to use one of those, there are certain compromises that you must make that may not be in the best interest of your business. Shared Hosting, based on Linux Hosting services, is the perfect platform to launch your maiden online presence.

Most users get confused between free web hosting and Shared Hosting. Free web hosting, as the name suggests, is a hosting platform, wherein the hosting provider doesn’t charge you for the most basic services. Shared Hosting, on the other hand, is a hosting service, where multiple websites are hosted together on a single physical server. Users need to pay a minimum monthly fee for Shared Hosting services. However, due to the shared resources, Shared Hosting is the most affordable hosting service in the market.

So which one should you opt for your website? Here’s a look at the crucial differentiators that will help you make the right choice.

  1. Business Branding

Free web hosting does not charge you money, but it simply makes your website a subdomain of the main hosting space. Your site address reads On the other hand, Shared Hosting is a reasonably priced service that lets you have your own domain name.

  1. Control Over Content

In free hosting, your hosting provider puts advertisements on your website to generate revenue. You do not have any control over the type of ads that appear on your site. The ads ruin your website’s user experience and can affect your business’ credibility. Shared Hosting offers you complete control over your website content.

  1. Security

Since free hosting doesn’t charge you money, it offers a few basic security measures. These are nowhere enough to secure your site against online threats. This is not recommended for a business website. On the contrary, Shared Hosting uses advanced security measures that keep your website safe from most cyber threats.

  1. Performance

Like security, high performance is not a characteristic of free web hosting. It mostly uses low-grade hardware and offers limited bandwidth that can severely affect your website’s user experience. Shared Hosting from a reliable web hosting provider offers high performance with good quality infrastructure.

  1. Customer Support

Customer support is almost non-existent with free web hosting. So, if something goes wrong with your website, you will have a hard time getting the issue resolved. The more time your website stays down, the greater will be the damage to its credibility. Most Shared Hosting providers bundle live, 24X7 expert support that resolves your issues in the shortest time possible.

The choice must be pretty clear to you by now. There’s no such thing as a free web hosting. There are just too many compromises with free web hosting for it to be a good hosting platform for your site. Shared Hosting is the most reasonably-priced hosting solution that offers you a professional experience your website deserves. Make a strong start by selecting a good plan for your online journey!