Four Helpful Tips to Motivate your Bandmates to Get Going

Getting people to show up for your rehearsals at Songmill Studios or learn their parts is often difficult. It takes hard work to get a band off the ground and members can easily lose motivation. But, things are possible if you are willing to put in the work and a little motivation can go a long way in terms of getting your bandmates to contribute energy and time. Here are some tips to motivate your bandmates:

Spend Time Listening to Music Together

Gather your bandmates around to listen to music. This is a great opportunity to inspire the entire group that results in action. Everyone will have two different tastes and finds inspiration in various things. During the rehearsal, have every member bring in an inspiring song or record. Encourage them to make observations while listening about what they hear in every song and how it inspires them.

Try to Book More Shows

If your band doesn’t get bookings, it won’t be long before members begin to lose motivation and start to seek more active bands. So start putting the work into booking more shows. In case your band is just playing once every two months, book a few months out and set something up two weeks instead. You can also give your band something to concentrate on and get excited about by setting yourself up somewhere as small and low budget as you have to. Record live videos together or acoustic videos and post them on YouTube and social media pages.

Set Deadlines to Tasks

When you give your band some tasks to complete, set a deadline. This will ensure they get the tasks done and give your band activity that motivates them to get moving. For instance,  if you have a big break before your next show comes up, use this as an opportunity to get writing. Set a goal to play 75% of the show with new material. Without a deadline, there is a risk of the task not getting done and being forgotten. 

Discuss Your Plans as a Group

You need to regularly assess where everyone is at on the whole. Can all your members devote time and effort to the group to help in making a vision a reality? You need to discuss this with the group. Some members might not be motivated since they do not see the same potential in the band that you do. When you have set goals, talk to the group about how to achieve them.