Finer Options for the Perfect Turbines

Rated power is the main indicator that characterizes all power plants, wind farms are no exception. It is determined by the power that the generator generates at an average wind speed of 12 m / s, and depends on the type of station. The next important indicator is the rated voltage of the WPP, which is produced by the generator. It can be either 220 V or 12 V or 24 V. The power of the generator depends on the power of the turbine.

The Power Option

Since the turbine power is higher, the larger its diameter and, consequently, the stronger the mast, this indicator is important when choosing and calculating the mast design. Wind turbine has some more characteristics.

  • Its performance is important, the amount of electricity that the device generates per year. When choosing a wind turbine, it is necessary to know the maximum wind speed that the GIGA Turbines can withstand and its minimum (starting) speed at which it starts to rotate. Play a role in the selection and rotational speed of the turbine and the number of blades.

The Right Options

At a wind power plant, the air flow rotates a wheel with blades, from which torque is transmitted to other mechanisms. The larger the wheel, the greater the air flow it captures and, therefore, rotates faster. In the language of physics, the linear velocity of the wind is converted into the angular velocity of rotation of the generator axis, which, in turn, converts the rotational motion into electrical energy, transferring it through the controller to the batteries.

  • At the exit of the device electricity is already suitable for domestic use. That is, a small wind power plant consists of a turbine, blades, a tail (turning mechanism), a mast with cables, stretch marks, batteries, a charge controller and an inverter that converts 12 V to 220 V. In addition to these devices, the industrial WPP also contains tracking systems for the direction of the wind and its speed, the state of the wind generator and protection against lightning discharges. In addition, the mast does not cope with larger scale loads, and it is replaced with a tower in which all the additional equipment is located.

The main indicator that allows you to decide on the use of wind power – is the average annual wind speed, which must be at least 5 m / s. True, today there are already easily accelerated WPPs designed for power supply to private households, which start working at a minimum air flow rate of 3.5 m / s. To determine this indicator, special wind maps are used. Wind speed measurements were made in various climatic zones of The city to determine how effective wind power plants are.

The Decision

When deciding whether to install a wind power plant or a private wind farm, you should first turn to specialists to conduct research on the direction and strength of the wind using anemometers and build maps of the availability of its energy. According to these data, the project of a wind turbine or a station of several units, its technical and geometrical parameters are calculated and developed. It is impossible to build an industrial wind farm of sufficiently large capacity without investors, and well-executed calculations and a draft will determine the payback period of the project and attract additional finance.