Finding ways to recycle plastics

We consume so many products in our daily life from food packages and drinks to beauty and everyday commodity items. As we use them, we are bound to encounter with lots of plastic packaging which are light weighted and do not break. Plastics are safe for children and strong enough too. Recycling plastics from Toronto garbage dump has a lot of advantages. It decreases the need for raw materials and decreases the need for energy for making plastics from recycled material by 75%.

Uses of recycled plastic bottles:

Recycling helps in making new bottles, T-shirts, fleeces, furniture, children’s toys, plastic bottles, plastic pots, tubs, trays, paint containers.

How to recycle plastics?

  1.    Empty plastic bottles and containers.
  2.    Rinse them thoroughly
  3.    Squash them before you place them in a recycled container.
  4.    Remove pumps of liquid soap from cleaning product bottles.
  5.    Trigger spray tops should be put back on bottles.
  6.    Plastic film and cling film should be removed from pots, tubs, and trays before going for recycling.

Why burning plastics is dangerous?

Some people try to avoid the disposal of garbage fees and burn the plastics. This is extremely dangerous as burning release extremely harmful gases in the environment.

  1.    Plastics of foam cups, yogurt, deli containers, egg containers, and meat trays are made up of polystyrene polymers. Burning such plastics release harmful gas known as styrene which disrupts the respiratory system, skin, and central nervous system.
  2.    Burning plastics releases dioxins which are toxic gases and causes hormonal birth defects and cancer.
  3.    Plastic fumes contain like pollutants like PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), mercury and furans that contaminate water and soil.

6 tips you should not forget:

  1.    Take the plastic grocery bags to the local supermarkets:

Almost all supermarkets accept plastic grocery and shopping bags for recycling. Collect them from your house. You can take zipper bags, diaper wraps, napkins, water bottles, etc.

  1.    Buy only recyclable products:

Check out the recycle mark before buying any plastic.

  1.    Use steel and copper bottles instead of plastics:

Try to use steel and copper bottles instead of plastics. Good garbage disposal companies take plastic bottles, containers for condiments, yogurt for recycling.

  1.    Twist plastic caps:

Recycle companies want plastic bottle caps and container lids along with the bottles. Twist the caps and lids before throwing them into the recycle bins. The caps are made up of polypropylene plastic and are used to make shipping pallets, storage bins, automobile parts, and many other items.

  1.    Look for plastics in bathrooms, kitchens, gardening, garage, etc:

Recyclable plastics are found everywhere in your house. Apart from the kitchen, look for bottles of mouthwash, conditioner, shampoo, liquid soap, body wash, automobile items, detergent containers, etc.

  1.    Look for Google maps to find recyclable bins:

Sometimes, you may not find recycle bins around in parks and markets. Bin rentals in Toronto garbage dump have located themselves in Google maps so that you can easily locate them.