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Steps To Follow

  1. Please login your account before placing an order, select FIFA 19 Coins, then choose your console.
  2. Enter or choose coins quantity you wish to shop for, then click buy now.
  3. Choose the payment method and checkout. Please head to your Member Center once you paid with success.
  4. Intercommunicate your Member Center, then click ‘Get Coins’ to transfer coins.
  5. Select ‘Player Auction 3.0’.
  6. List your player on the market first: obtain currently Price: ≤60% of the GHB Price (if GHB worth >10K), Duration: 1day.

(For your account safety, each listed player limit: ≤50K, daily transfer limit: ≤700K.)

  1. Input your player’s correct information, and then click “Search”. Select your player card from the list, and then click “Submit”.
  2. you’ll be able to check the coins transfer method from the “Delivery History”.
  • Safety Measures to follow while buying FIFA COINS: While buying these FIFA COINS at cheap rates we should follow the following preventive measures –
  1. Do not buy from strangers – It is important to understand that buying EA coins would be very dangerous. There are a number of suspicious people out there who might steal the valuable money of the customers as they are paying even before receiving the coins. So the customers are supposed to be careful before making transactions with anyone. The safety information must be followed in the websites and none of the customers should leak their account information to anyone. We can find anyone who can sell coins but detecting whether someone is fraud or real and then investing might be a bit tough job.
  2. Make the transaction safely – There are considerable risks in every online sale. If the seller is unknown and fictitious then the risk is even a bit higher. If you don’t have the payment you are comfortable with, go through the website and the details of the seller as well. Then one must follow the safety recommendations, avoid using credit cards use apps like MBnet or Paypal , make sure the seller is trustworthy before divulging personal information .


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