Factors That Impact Motorcycle Accident Claims in San Diego

Riding a motorcycle is often related to the feeling of adventure and freedom, but unfortunately in times of an accident, motorcycles offer least protection to the rider. Motorcyclists are also often perceived as reckless and uncontrolled, and most car accident attorneys in San Diego quickly try to shift the blame on them. But that’s not always the case. 

It’s advised to work with knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys in San Diego who can represent you while negotiating your accident settlement claim and retain your best interests. However, before that, let’s have a look at a few factors that may impact your motorcycle accident claims.

Insurance Coverage: The amount of coverage your insurance policy offers can have a significant impact on your accident claim. The coverage included can be of different kinds, such as physical injuries, property damage, policy limits, etc. For example, if you have been involved in a truck accident, then the truck accident attorneys in San Diego will try to get away with minimal amount of compensation. But if you have been seriously injured, then your expenses may quickly exceed your insurance coverage limits.

Evidences Supporting Your Claim: Your accident claim will largely depend on the circumstances of your crash. Because insurance companies aim at making profit, they will look for all the possible reasons to minimize your settlement offers. Therefore, you will need convincing evidence to fight this back. Some important evidences include witness statements, medical records, medical treatment needed, lost income, and a carefully written document to show how your life changed after the accident.

Opposite Party’s Ability to Pay: If the defendant has insurance, then the amount of their policy will affect your accident claim settlement. But if they have limited assets, then there is no point in asking for a claim higher than their limits, even if your damage is much higher than what they can offer. So, knowing their assets and what their insurance policy can offer plays a significant role in determining your settlement claim.

Condition at the Time of Driving: Your and the other party’s condition at the time of driving is another determining factor. If any of you were impaired or intoxicated, then the at-fault driver will avoid presenting the case to the jury. If any of you were issued some traffic citation, then also the other party can use it as an evidence to prove their negligence and get a higher compensation. But even if you were at fault, that doesn’t mean that the other party can go away without giving any accident claim. They will still need to pay for the amount of damage they were responsible for, however this amount would be much less than what they would have paid in the opposite situation.

Your Attorney’s Competence: The expertise, specialization and experience of your attorney plays a great role in evaluating these factors and determining a fair settlement for your accident claim. Make sure that the attorney you work with is able to represent your case with dexterity with all the ins and outs of legal issues.

While each motorcycle accident claim has its own factors to reach settlement, the legal experts at Nakase Law Firm must have seen it all. They know their way around the San Diego court system, and they are competent enough to get their clients a trouble-free and prompt settlement. If you are struggling after an accident, get in touch with these experienced lawyers and seek their advice and representation in the court. They will handle your case in a reliable way and help you get the right compensation for all your injuries and damages.