Facial Hair Care: How to Grow and Maintain Your Beard

Facial hair is sweeping the country. Roughly one-third of American men keep a beard, with an additional 27% growing one every now and again. 

It may seem easy to grow facial hair. Yet maintaining facial hair can be tricky. 

What do you need to do to have healthy hair follicles? What tools do you need to promote your facial hair? How can you wash your hair, including with shampoo? 

Answer these questions and you can grow a healthy and attractive beard in little time. Here is your quick guide. 

Maintain Your Facial Hair Health 

Your facial hair will grow only if your overall health is sound. You should get plenty of sleep every night. You should also nap whenever you feel tired.

Eat a balanced diet that gives your body all essential nutrients. Foods with a lot of zinc tend to be good for facial hair development. You can take a multivitamin to cover your nutritional needs.

If you have a skin problem, respond to it right away. Even mild inflammation can make it harder to maintain your beard. Go to your doctor and follow their instructions to the letter. 

Get the Best Tools 

Facial hair care requires several tools. You can buy facial hair products that moisturize your skin and add definition to your beard. 

But you also need to maintain your beard yourself. You need a beard trimmer and a comb at a minimum. 

Talk to your barber about what you should get. They may recommend that you buy this beard balm or that cleanser. 

Wash Your Hair 

You must wash your beard every night. Yet you shouldn’t be too aggressive about it. 

Begin by washing your facial hair with hot water. Make sure you rub the skin so you can open up your pores. Going down to the roots will also help you remove dirt embedded in your hair. 

You can then apply a beard shampoo. You do not have to do this every night. You should rub in your shampoo a couple of times a week when you feel you need it. 

You can then massage your beard. Dig in deep with your shampoo on your fingertips so you can build a lather. You should then leave your shampoo in for a few minutes before washing the beard again. 

Washing and shampooing are two important grooming steps. But you need to be mindful of other grooming tips and hair styling steps. Talk to your barber about what you can do for hairstyling in particular. 

How to Care For Your Beard

Facial hair requires care. Promoting your overall health will promote your hair health. Eat a balanced diet and sleep well.

You need to have trimmers and a comb for your hair. You should also have products like a good beard balm. 

Be diligent when washing and cleaning your beard. Use hot water that you rub against your skin. Make a lather out of shampoo and apply it to your beard hair every now and again. 

Your facial hair is just one part of your fashion you can improve. Figure out the rest by following our coverage.