Everything You Should Know About Hair Drug Test


We can all agree that drug screenings or tests are essential ways to determine the presence of illegal substances for numerous reasons, while the most common one is due to hiring procedure.

It requires administrating laboratory analysis on the biological specimen you take from a human body such as sweat, hair, saliva, urine and many more. The idea is to detect the presence as well as past usage of illegal drugs as well as their byproducts.

Byproducts are metabolized substances derived from the active compound of drug that you consumed. You should visit this link: https://www.phenomenica.com/, to learn more about drug testing in general.

Therefore, the drugs you consumed last night, or any other night in the past, can still be in your system through urine, blood, hair, and saliva, which is why it awaits the procedure so that they can detect the presence.

That is the main reason why frequent drug users think the worst things about tests in general.

What Are The Reasons For Conducting a Drug Test?

We have to start by saying that we can differentiate numerous ways and reasons why you should conduct drug tests in general. The most common one is for athletes, job applicants, rehab participants as well as employees after reasonable doubt.

As soon as they detect the presence of some drug compound, the person will have to endure some penalties in general. However, you should have in mind that the more you know, the better chances will be to pass it and tamper with it in general.

Types of Drug Screenings

We can differentiate wide array of drug tests, and in here, we want to divide them into two most relevant categories that will help you understand everything about them.

The main differences are between home testing and choosing professional laboratory, setting, and personnel to do it instead of you. If you wish to learn more about drug screenings in general, we recommend you to click here.

1.   Home Drug Tests

You should have in mind that a few types of drug screening methods such as saliva and urine can be conducted at home as well. Nowadays, you can also find hair-testing kits that will give you an ability to do it at home without any additional problem.

You will be able to get home drug-testing strips that you can find in an over-the-counter pharmacy, and the idea is to collect saliva or urine and dip the strip inside for specific amount of time-based on the instructions you read before.

The next step is to see the readings, which resembles pregnancy test and the color will provide you the insights on the type of drugs that you or someone else consumed.

Have in mind that you can easily find these strips online as well as in pharmacies, and the best thing about them is convenience when it comes to using as well as an ability to read detailed instructions before you dip a strip.

However, it is vital to remember that it does not matter if you are using cheap or high-end expensive home kit solution, because they can be both incorrect and misleading, especially when compared with laboratory tests.

Some external factors can also affect the overall results of the test, which is why you should be completely careful while following the instructions.

Are They Accurate?

We have mentioned above that home testing kits can provide you accurate results, but it is vital to do them carefully and by following instructions completely.

However, they have a higher potential of getting inaccurate or misleading results when compared with professional drug tests because it may depend by external factors that will affect the results in case that you’re doing at home.

2.   Professional Drug Tests

You should have in mind that the main difference between home and professional screenings is in the level of accuracy since laboratory screenings can quickly provide you a significant insight when it comes to type of drugs used as well as the amount found in specimen.

We can differentiate various types based on the biological specimen used for analysis.

  • Urinalysis – It is vital to state that urine test is the most popular one and considered as standard in both private and public sectors, and according to statistics, more than 50 million of them are performed in the last year. Since most drugs that you consume will fall apart in metabolic substances, this particular test is not checking the presence of active compound but the byproducts that drug leave inside the urine. Therefore, if you consumed marijuana that features THC as the psychoactive compound, have in mind that your body will break it into THC-COOH and test will check out the presence of this particular metabolite. The main problem with urinalysis is the ability to tamper with the test since you can find numerous ways to do it from fake urine to substitution and detox drinks that will mask the presence of byproducts. Check out this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Pass-a-Urine-Drug-Test, to learn how to pass this particular test with ease.
  • Hair Follicle Drug Test – Even though in the past people used it for research purposes, in the last few year’s employers started implementing hair analysis as the standard for detecting patterns of abuse in general. Therefore, this particular test will check out for the presence of drug metabolites that will remain trapped inside your follicles and thus hair strands. Have in mind that hair analysis is one of the most accurate and it can provide the presence of drugs inside of your body that you consumed in the last three months. At the same time, it is most challenging for tampering, which is another reason why employers decided to conduct it as a part of pre-employment screening so that they can see whether a job applicant abuses some drug that may affect overall productivity or not. The main disadvantage is the expensive price tag, which was the main reason why people neglected it and used urinalysis instead. However, after determining that urine drug test can be easily tampered with, employers started using it as a double check as well as primary screening that will help them maintain drug-free working policy and environment.