Everything You Need to Know About SuiteCommerce

Netsuite is a software company that focuses on cloud computing and was founded in California in 1988. Many of its services aim to automate various professional services, manage customer relationships, and plan resources related to the enterprise, warehouse, or inventory. Netsuite was always involved in e-commerce since the early 2000s. In 2016, the Oracle corporation bought it for 9.3 billion US dollars, raising its demand for cloud-based business management. Advanced versions of the platform were released after it saw a continuous user demand. After 2016, it released the standard one, possibly the final version of the e-commerce platform.

Netsuite’s new e-commerce platform has changed the way many companies do business. SuiteCommerce is an integration platform that manages and multitasks various company functions such as customer service, inventory and management of orders and marketing, among other things. This integration with NetSuite has allowed the platform to help run business functions like clockwork. This is because the platform is highly customisable and flexible, saving the company costs on development and infrastructure. It has truly revolutionised the field of e-commerce.

The SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

The SCA is Netsuite’s enterprise option considering all the e-commerce platform versions. Being highly flexible and capacitive, it gives complete accessibility to developers, thus enabling the creation of a unique experience for countless shoppers. Access to the platform’s core code allows programmers to customise it as per the preference and interest of the company and its customers. The platform integrates effortlessly with the back end, delivers a personalised experience and continues to make waves among many global e-commerce platforms.

The full-featured service can always be accessed through any device as it is an omnichannel for online commercial transactions. The platforms integration capabilities connect the company’s social media, emails, websites and store pages for various campaigns and customisations.

Main Features of SCA

  • Integrated natively to Netsuite and the back end.
  • Developers and programmers have complete accessibility to the core code.
  • A secure network for the delivery of contents enables quicker loading duration across the world.
  • Built on a single page program structure for faster site loading.
  • Design and layout control provide responsive themes accessible on any device.
  • Optimisation tools are available for marketing, reviewing products and sharing on social media, along with advertisement tools for promotional or pop up campaigns.
  • Accessible on any device
  • Enables different brands, currencies or languages on a single platform.
  • The platform supports various policies on taxes, documentation and prices.
  • Integrated with Google to include features for analytics and management.
  • New features, bug fixes and updates are implemented regularly for better performance.
  • Visual editing for marketing or design purposes available.
  • Inventory, warehouse, or supply management features available.

Benefits of Using SCA

  1. Back end connections and front end integration of the platform allows much more efficiency and transparency for the developers and users. This feature is considered the most important in Netsuite.
  2. Marketing functionality in emails allows the platform to conduct promotions and product advertisements through email campaigns efficiently.
  3. Highly customisable and allows the platform to give a unique and personalised experience for every shopper or customer.
  4. Many features make the platform more dynamic and versatile but, at the same time, provides a user-friendly and supportive interface.
  5. Documentation in the platforms is extensive and highly informative for the users.