Everything You Need to Know About Porta Potty Rental

Whenever there’s an outdoor shindig, a porta potty rental is a priority. You can put together an incredible event, but if you don’t have portal restroom stalls available, things can go sour really quickly. Your guests need a place to relieve themselves, wash their hands, and freshen up.

If you’re new to putting together outside gatherings and you need more info about porta potty rentals for parties, this guide has the answers.

Read on to learn more about porta potty rentals.

The Most Common Events for a Porta Potty Rental

There are some outdoor events that are standard for porta potty rentals. Here are the most common ones:

  • Festivals for food
  • Carnivals and fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • Tournaments and athletic activities
  • Concerts
  • Corporate Gatherings
  • Outdoor art markets
  • Farmers Markets

Although the events listed are above are typically for large crowds, getting a local porta potty rental is also a good idea for small gatherings.

For instance, if there is a birthday party or wedding being thrown in the backyard and you don’t want too many people inside of the house, then a porta potty rental comes in handy.

It’s also a good idea to have a portable toilet available for workers if you are doing a large renovation to your home.

The Various Types of Porta Potties

You’re likely familiar with the porta potty standard. However, there are also some different styles and extra functionality with many of the other types of porta potties. Below are the various types:

Default– You’ve probably spent a little in one of these rooms before. They are basic, but can be leased cheaply in large quantities.

Water Flushable– These are a step above the norm and function like flushing toilets. Other add-ons such as a sink or hand sanitizer canister will also come with these.

ADA Compliant -This type gives people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids more room.

Towable and Construction– Porta-potties built for construction sites have specific features that allow the unit to be quickly relocated and transported, with rollers or a crane hook. Similarly, towable versions come built on a cart, which allows you the ability to carry it anywhere you go.

Ecological-Friendly-These use chosen chemicals that are not environmentally damaging and help to minimize waste.

Trailers for Bathrooms– These are top-tier. They provide flushable toilets, running water, air conditioning, and lighting. It’s a real bathroom on wheels.

Extra amenities include handwashing areas, hand sanitizer nozzles, mirrors, baby change stations, and more with many porta potty rental companies.

Figure Out How Many Porta Potties You’ll Need

Calculating the number of bathrooms you’ll need is critical. Event experts suggest that for every 50 individuals you have one station and for every four potties, there’s one hand washing area.

For any event that is accessible to the public, it is also important to have a minimum of one ADA compliant bathroom. It’s best to lease one ADA-compliant stall for every 20 regular potties if you have a bigger event.

You’ll want to boost the number of rentals by 10-15 percent if you serve alcohol at the gathering, because alcohol increases the number of restroom breaks.

Porta Potty Rental Cost

The renting of a porta potty depends on many variables:

  • The number of bathrooms
  • Rental Length
  • The sort of bathroom leased
  • How many times you’ll require cleaning during the rental time
  • How far the company has to deliver

Usually, it’s around $150.00-$200.00 for a regular porta potty on the weekend. But the flushable ones with high-quality features are upwards of $450.

It’s essential to know the rental costs before ordering your porta potties, especially if you have a budget for the event. Write out a list of your needs, compare the pros and cons, and make a decision from there.

How to Prepare Your Portable Toilets

Planning where your porta potties should go at the event is critical. You’ll want to take measurements of all the places you want to position them, since they will take up more space than you expect. Locate solid ground that is away from the movements of major crowds.

To guarantee that your rental goes smoothly, below are some useful tips:

  • DON’T place it upwind of the audience if possible because of the smell.
  • DON’T put the porta-potty on soft or rocky surfaces. This could cause slipping or flipping.
  • DON’T put a porta-potty in places with heavy traffic. Placing them on the sides of the event is your best bet.
  • DO put them in different places, providing convenient access to visitors no matter what area they are in.
  • DO guarantee that the vehicles for delivery and cleaning will have keys to them.
  • To avoid harm, robbery, or the potty tipping jokester, DO keep the porta potties in safe, well-lit places.

If you follow the tips above, you should have no issues with your rentals.

Do You Need a Porta Potty Rental?

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into getting a porta potty rental. But thankfully, these days there are a variety of options to choose from. There once was a time when the standard, non-flushable porta potty was the only option, but the market has changed a lot.

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you need the portable toilets for and the type of gathering you’re throwing, it’ll be easier to choose the right type.

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