One of the essential Chinese customs is the burning of joss paper. It is believed that this practice sends money to the disease relative in their world to live comfortably and pay off any debt. This is a manner of showing love, respect, and honor to the ancestors who are deceased. If you travel to China, you will notice that houses and shops have small shrines built outside them. If you look into the shrines, you will see that these shrines are full of incense and fruits. It is these shrines where the 银纸批发 are burnt.

Joss paper

Joss paper is referred to as spirit papers or ghost money. These are paper objects made of rice paper or bamboo paper and are used to provide the date with payment, wishes of prosperity, et cetera. The Joss papers are decorated in many different manners. The decoration on the paper would depend on the purpose the joss paper will be used for. For example, the Joss paper used for traditional worship is decorated with a square of silver or gold foil to represent stamps, money symbols or embossing. These foils are the region where the relatives write their wishes for the deceased.

The other money type is referred to as hell banknotes. This money has air, earth and heaven seals on it. There is another kind of joss paper that is used to represent material and luxurious wealth that the diseased had during their life. These joss paper come in the form of paper houses, TV screens, cars etcetera.

Use of Joss papers

Joss papers are used on numerous occasions all across China. All the papers are unique in their own mannerisms. People who have shrines in their home premises can burn Joss papers whenever they feel. Those who practice burning Joss papers on specific occasions wait for specific family gatherings.


Joss paper can basically be referred to as currency that is used by the deceased once he or she reaches the spiritual realm. According to the Chinese belief, the dead should never arrive at the gate of the realm empty-handed. Thus, burning Joss paper supplies them with electronics, jewellery, clothing etc., to keep them comfortable. You can buy joss paper from joss paper Malaysia.

In memory of death and birth anniversary

In Chinese tradition, birthdays and death anniversaries are celebrated even after the person’s death. They have parties, prepare their favourite meals, and talk about the person. They also burned Joss money on such occasions.


Qingming festival and the hungry ghost month festival

During the Qingming festival and the hungry ghost month festival, joss money is burned to make the deceased ancestors happy.

Day to day activities

Some Chinese families believe in remembering their deceased loved ones on a daily basis. Thus, they burn joss money almost regularly. Otherwise, festivals like the Chinese new year are also used to burn joss money in fond remembrance of the deceased ancestors.