Ensuring that Your Company is Complying with COVID-19 Preventive Measures

This writing has been more than nine months since a new strain of the novel coronavirus was discovered in China during December of 2019. What others have hoped to be an isolated case that can only spread within China alone has subsequently spread across the world in just a matter of weeks. Also known as COVID-19, this virus has caused governments to shut down their operation to minimize the virus’s spreading. The spread of the virus was so immediate and rampant that its infection was declared a global pandemic.

After all the devastation that COVID-19 has wrought, several people refuse to follow even the simplest measures to curb the infection. People who refuse to observe precautions to avoid being exposed to the virus are politicizing their reasons for not doing so. One of the countries in the world has 8.02 million cases and 218,000 deaths, and is the worst country to be hit by COVID-19.

Fortunately for Australians, the country has registered only a little over 27,000 total cases of COVID-19 positive patients, with 904 deaths with only single-digit increases of new cases per day. This is because the Australian government implemented strict measures during the first signs that the COVID-19 infection had reached their shores.

Australia had been performing consistently well in handling the COVID-19 pandemic within its territories with the main goal of minimizing the total number of people becoming infected. The Australian government assures that the infection will not spread by developing comprehensive responses, including free education such as hltinf001, compliance with infection prevention, and control policies and procedures.

What is HLTINF001?

HLTINF001 is a course created by the Charter Australia Education & Training that aims to educate participants to master essential COVID-19 prevention strategies such as proper hand hygiene, surface cleaning, PPE usages, identification of hazardous materials, and other protocols associated with the prevention of infection.

Why is HLTNF001 Important?

HLTNF001 training is important for everybody because it will enable its participants to know the proper protocols in handling infection hazards when they come across them. Knowing how to manage the spread of infection properly is vital for every business, no matter what industry they belong to. Likewise, HLTNF001 is not merely for the business industry; everybody is encouraged to attend and complete the HLTINF001 course.

How to Enroll in HLTNF001?

HLTNF001 is an initiative by Charter Australia and is fully subsidized by the New South Wales Government. This means that you do not have to pay for the tuition fees to complete the one-day course if you are a qualified participant.

Eligible Participants

Anyone above 15 years old can attend and complete the hltinf001 comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures course, especially if they are Australian citizens or have an eligible Australian Visa. Qualified participants should also not be in school and should be working or living within the New South Wales territory.

So, for businesses within the New South Wales region, you must assign at least one of your employees to attend and complete the HLTINF001 course.