Enhance Your Chances of Winning at Blackjack – Know the Strategies

Majority of the people have already started considering blackjack as the best game to be played in the casino. You may even believe that when you follow the perfect strategy, you can get an edge over the house. This is not true but you can get the house edge at blackjack low enough that it will seem this way.

If you’re someone who is a gambler at the online casino Planet 7, you should first know the strategies to use for enhancing your chances of winning a game at blackjack. Check them out.

Strategy #1: Play games that offer liberal playing options

You have to scout the blackjack tables to find out the most liberal playing rules. Make sure you only play on tables where a blackjack pays 3-2 and stay away from all other games where the payoff is 6 to 5 blackjack or even money. There are other liberal blackjack rules are where the dealer stands on soft 17, players may double down on two cards. Fewer decks are better than more decks.

Strategy #2: Learn the basic strategy for playing Blackjack

If you think blackjack is a guessing game, you’re wrong. You hit your 16 against a dealer 10 up card whereas other times you stand. There are great mathematicians who study the game of blackjack for more than 60 years and what they’ve proven without doubt that there’s a premium way of playing all hands dealt with you. This is called the basic playing strategy which lets a player minimize the house edge.

Strategy #3: Utilize a strategy card

These are laminated plastic cards that are available, casino-legal and you can refer to them to make sure you always take a right decision on the hands that you dealt with. This way you can avoid the costly mistakes that you may make while playing. For different security reasons, the casinos never let players to place strategy cards on a blackjack table and hence you should know how to play a specific hand.

Strategy #4: Steer clear of making the insurance wager

Don’t make the insurance wager, no matter how much money you wagered on your hand. Remember that insurance is a sucker bet and you are betting that the dealer has 10-value down card to go with the Ace up card. When you’re winning insurance bet pays 2-1, but the odds of winning are worse than 2-1.

Strategy #5: Ignore what the other players are doing

The playing decisions of your fellow players on the table don’t have any effect in the long run on the odds of winning. Blackjack isn’t a team sport. Use the basic strategy of playing irrespective of how other players play their hands, whether or not you lose or how much you bet.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about maximizing your chances of winning a hand at blackjack, you should follow the above listed strategies and techniques. Make sure you focus on your winning goals above anything else.