Electrical Maintenance and Installation Costs In Singapore

As society progresses, more and more energy and electricity consumption become available. As the dependency on electrical gadgets and tools are also increasing fast,a proper choice for an electricity supplier is important.

Be it the aircon, the computers, the lights or even televisions, you will need electricity for all of them. When it comes to electrical problems, you will need the help of the local electricians as trying to solve the issues yourself will likely end up unsuccessful.

What are the electrical services prices in Singapore?

According to the job, location and expertise needed, the pricing for the electrical works will change. Additional factors include car park, ERP and transportation charges. When it comes to the electrical emergency services, then there are separate surcharges as well.For that, premium materials will be used as well. You can visit https://sghomeneeds.com/articles/home-electrical-cost-guide/ for more details about electrician prices and rates in Singapore.

  • Chandelier installation: $100 – $120
  • Downright installation: $50-$60
  • Light point installation: $55-$65
  • Lighting fittings replacement: from $60
  • Light fitting replacement: $45- $65
  • Light switch replacement: $50-$75

As the lighting installation process comes with the labour charge, the prices can be more than anticipated. However, you can rest assured that the installation will be perfect at every level.

Distribution Board Box Upgrade and installation:

  • Distribution box replacement: $100-$140
  • Distribution box installation: $350 to $900
  • 3-room flats: $400 and more
  • 4-room flats: $500 and more
  • 5-room flats: $600 and more

When it comes to the new wiring and installation of the switches, the price varies from $1000 to $3000. The options are open for you and all you will have to do is to make your choice according to your requirements and budget.

Authorizations and inspectors added to the equation

When you stick to basic construction practices, no one comes next to check your work. Permits are not required to paint your child’s bedroom, and inspectors do not have to approve the finishing work around the windows. However, this is different when it concerns electrical work. If you plan on doing some homeowner-led electrical work the right way, you will need to collect permits and inspector visits.

Compared other home renovations such as sanding drywall or digging sewer pipes, electrical work is challenging and complex. Few people have the right know-how to complete the task.

You hire people who can do things you can’t do – like fly commercial jets, corporate litigation, Tesla repair. As such, if you know absolutely nothing about electrical maintenance, then there is no question about hiring a professional.

Electricians are true professionals, and every time they are in your house, you can almost hear the rapidly increasing bill. However, by approaching it intelligently, you can limit costs. Simple things like having the circuits mapped correctly can help to save money as the electrician will not have to do it for you.