ELAC’s Slim Subwoofer: What You Need to Know

Audiophiles praise ELAC’s subwoofers for their smooth and German-engineered build quality. For over nine decades, ELAC has been working on high-quality electroacoustic and audio equipment. Their slim subwoofers, which are Andrew Jones engineering, have a compact and slick design and carry less weight than most speakers that arrive in various test rooms.

Though slim, they deliver bass that may baffle any user. They come primarily in the black and white color schemes with removable same-colored grilles.

The Build and Compatibility of ELAC’s Slim Subwoofer

These subwoofers are an interior designer’s delight. They blend with an all-white décor fad because they are smart. ELAC has designed them with a sophisticated European flair that is mirrored by their slim proportions, brushed vinyl wrapping, and satin-white or satin-black finish.

In their natural positions, the smaller ones stand 386 mm tall and 361 mm wide while the larger ones stand at 399 mm tall and 463 mm wide. Their ports, connections, and amplifiers are on the narrow end. That enables the user to push them close against the wall.

ELAC rates the frequency response of their small subwoofers at 32 to 200 Hz and 28 to 200 Hz for their larger subwoofers. They have four small screw holes at the top that one can use to install the subwoofer horizontally on the floor. Through the rubber feet and wall brackets, one can also mount the subwoofer on the wall

Sound Quality

ELAC’s slim subwoofer can deliver very high levels of bass comfortably. Their tonal balance is respectable, and their full bandwidth clear and precise. Despite the compact size of the larger subwoofers, they deliver great bass. They have an internal DSP that has got a preset high pass filter that protects the driver from excessive deep bass and wearing out.

Also, it’s hard for their soundstages to crash when placed near a wall. However, they need to be placed about 10 cm from the wall to gain a more solid foundation.

They have an in-built wireless receiver that ensures seamless integration into the system. However, a user can purchase a matching wireless transmitter for them. To add on that, they transmit signals at CD quality of 16 bits and 44 Khz, which is an overkill. Their dearth of controls features an amplifier panel that has two RCA inputs for a USB socket and power connection. They can also be paired with a wireless transmitter.


These subwoofers have a 75% level preset. The ELAC app also offers additional preset EQ modes, namely, Night, Music, Cinema, and Flat, that allows the user to vary the phase from between 0º to 360º, set the low pass filter, apply a group delay of 20ms and set the preferred parametric equalizer.


ELAC’s slim subwoofers have a great combination of precision, transparency, and authority. Their slim design makes them aesthetically pleasing, light, and stylish. They are smart and effective sounding home theatre alternatives from a brand with experience in making high-quality sound devices.