Dota 2: Sven and Troll Warlord are still in meta

The best Dota 2 Heroes | Meta report from ESL Birmingham

Another Dota 2 tournament has ended, but what changes in the public games it brings? Let’s watch the most popular heroes from the ESL Birmingham and heroes with the biggest pick-rate at the, and predict if they will become the first pick in the upcoming public ranked games in Dota 2. The next heroes of the 7.22c Dota 2 patch were the most popular:

  • Sven;
  • Warlock;
  • Chen;
  • Shadow Shaman;
  • Troll Warlord.

But we will focus only on the heroes that can be used as the First position carry – Sven and Troll Warlord.

Sven will cleave your games

Sven is not a surprising pick in this patch. He was quite popular for a past few tournaments but this is the peak of his dominance at the professional scene (and later in pubs). Laning stage of this hero is awesome! Sven has a stun that could secure or give you a chance for a kill, shield that will keep you and your ally from the harassing on the lane, and passive cleave ability that will hasten your jungle cleaning speed. So how this hero could be bad? Laning is awesome, farming speed is incredible, stats scaling in unbelievable and the most important – he could kill almost any hero in the BKB-window.

Sven dota 2

So if you playing public games a lot at the core roles, then Sven is your best solution. He is easy to learn and with the max Great Cleave you could build all the core items (like Black King Bar and Blink Dagger + Echo Sabre / MoM) in 10 minutes, and then join all the teamfights to annihilate anyone you could reach with the stun.

The last words – forget about Sven on 4 or 5 positions. You can pick more valuable heroes at this position.

Troll Warlords is strong, but not so strong as you think

Reworked Troll Warlord is looking interesting and incredibly strong, but his win rates are not so incredibly high. At the professional stage teams which are picking Troll Warlord to 1 or 2 positions manage to win the only sub 40% of all games. Situations in Public games a bit brighter but still not so impressing – winrate is around 50%. And that is making Troll the most overrated hero in the 7.22c Dota 2 meta. That is because enough time has passed from his soft rework and now players have learned how to deal with that unstoppable monster during his ultimate.

troll dota 2

And never forget that his abilities are not so good as you may think. Yup, Slow, Roots and Blind looks amazing. But in the overall impact on the teamfight is pretty low and be easily outclassed by any other CC abilities. This is just not the Troll’s meta, his auto-attacks are impressive, but the current meta is favorable to the heroes who could farm incredibly fast or have a strong team fight potential. Unfortunately, Troll Warlord is only showing a good performance in 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2 fights.

But this could be fixed easily. If you see Magnus in your team composition, then pick Troll Warlord without any doubts.