Do You Have Active Adventures Planned? Here’s How To Get In Shape

Even with a professional guide for active adventures, the level of enjoyment and comfort throughout the trek will heavily rely on  your body’s ability to withstand the expedition. Here are some tips for getting into shape before taking on the next challenge.

Establish Healthy Daily Guidelines

To truly increase your chances of succeeding in obtaining your ultimate goal and prevent injuries, prepare your body by following these healthy guidelines.

  • Get ample sleep leading up to the trip.
  • Reduce alcohol and fatty food consumption.
  • Drink plenty of water and curb sodas and juices.
  • If you smoke, consider cutting back or quitting.
  • Eat ample carbohydrates the weeks prior to your expedition.

Fitness and Training Tips Prior to Active Adventures

If your journey is long or will take you through elevation changes, you should predominantly focus your fitness training on increasing your body’s ability to maximize on oxygen intake. Boost your exercise routine to at least three times weekly with goals of five days a week.

If you begin weeks before the trip (and you should) shoot for 10 percent increases weekly in your overall workout time. These indoor and outdoor ideas will give you a good starting point, and no personal trainer is required.

Stretching and Light Weights: Increase cardiovascular health and build muscle mass gently with these pre-workout warmups.

Indoor Training: Spinning, rowing, stepping, swimming yoga, weightlifting, treadmills, stair climbers and other pulse-racing activities will bolster overall strength and endurance.

Outdoor Activities: Team sports, running, mountain climbing, and training with a weighted backpack are exceptional ways to prep the body for an extended trek.

With these easy training tips, your active adventures can be much more pleasant and your goals will be easier to achieve. The key is to start early and be diligent with workout program.